Shane Vermooten | Week 12

According to Deolu Akinyemia, an apparent scam artist I found online from an African country I wont mention, it took only 12 week to make more than 40 millionaires. In the last 12 weeks I definitely have not become a millionaire, although at times I wish, I have had the opportunity to be involved with something that money cant pay for. Well, that’s not true I do have to pay money to do it, but I am trying to sound epic here so we will let it slide.

The Not For Sale Fellowship is now officially half way through, and I am astounded by what has been accomplished in those 12 short weeks by not only me personally but by Not For Sale as a whole and all of the extremely awesome staff, in only 12 weeks we have planned and pulled off the Montara Circle, produced over 30 pieces of media, been featured on CNN, hosted Freedom Sunday with over 2500 churches from more than 40 nations, run an investigators academy, facilitated in the rescue of victims in South Africa, Peru, Thailand and Romania, launched our new website and, and, and, and, the list is endless and there is no sign of slowing down.

This week I started a new experiment something ground breaking, I started running, which to be honest I always thought was over rated, that is until I started doing it and realized how much better I feel after going, so from now on every week I will let you know how many times I went running this way I will actually continue to do it. Friday was a great day there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the sun was out and it was the first of April, also known as April fools day, and we had one of the best days in the office in the past 3 months, very unproductive and yet awesome at the same time. The reason for the lack of productivity was Allie and Gabe watched the Google motion video that morning, which Google made as part of there April fools joke, and they decided we should do a video response to Google, so this is what we spent our day doing.

Besides work I had some awesome times with the other staff throughout the week from having dinner with Keturah and Jamee on Saturday to hiking with Allison on Wednesday and hanging out with all the staff for Daves birthday in the city, it has been a great week all around.

So although I may not become a millionaire in the next 12 weeks, I am so excited for the amazing things which are to come, with amazing people.

Oh and Happy Birthday Dave.


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