Shane Vermooten | Week 13

Imagine being a producer, now imagine being a producer for a TV network, imagine that network being able to reach 1000’s, imagine that networks message is one of hope and abolition and now imagine that being a reality, is here. While when I say it here, what I really mean is that in my head it is here in reality it wont be too much longer until this imaging is over, this week Jono and myself had a meeting with Dave and Mark where we pitched our vision for where we see going and how we are actively working on that happening, it was a very exciting meeting and meant that this idea will become alive sooner than later, so keep an eye open for that.

This week we had some very exciting news in the office and as I stood behind the camera filmed, Dave excitedly showed off our first product coming from the Amazon, Tea… It was a surreal feeling thinking back to the Montara circle where 50 leaders sat in a room and came up with solutions to the problem of exploitation in the Amazon region and this was one of them, although that was only about 8 weeks ago it has slid so far back in memory that it feels like 8 years ago. It is crazy to think of all the things that have happened since the Montara circle, but its even crazier to think that only 3 months ago I standing at the airport in Cape Town, South Africa not knowing that not only was I walking down the runway to a waiting plane, but to a life that when all is said and done will be drastically different, and at times that change hurts and the past 3 weeks have probably hurt more than ever and left me confused about a lot of things, but it has also been filled with lots of laughs, hard work, new friends and great memories.

As part of the fellowship programme we have to read one book every 2 weeks, which to be honest, for me not being very structured person or a fast reader, I don’t always meet that deadline. And this past week was no difference we where supposed to have “3 cups of tea” read by Friday and although I hadn’t finished it I was on the last chapter and totally into the book as if it was a great movie. Today I finished the last chapter and was kind of bummed because I had gotten really into that “world” a world filled of adventure, sacrifice, pain, hope and where one man can literally change everything, and no this isn’t a book written by a Hollywood screen writer, although it would make a good movie, it is the real life story of one mans mission to promote peace in one of the most dangerous places on earth, one school at a time. I was inspired not only to be inspired by his story but to take it further and have the courage to make that my story, a story of sacrifice, pain, hope and having the commitment to make a big difference in the world.

On Friday I got to ad the finishing audio touches to a 1 minute piece from Free2Work entitled “Behind the Barcode.” The piece turned out great, and along with everyone else I was super happy with the final product, and although I did not work on the piece at all I have some bragging rights to it, as it was done by some of my friends back in South Africa.

Thank you so much for continuing to follow my journey and encouraging me along as I find my footing on this constant changing path.


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