David Quimby | Week 14

Wow! What a great week it has been! Lots of amazing things going on at Not For Sale and it’s only going to get crazier as the month progresses! Now that we have started to work with CNN Freedom Project, it’s like a train that is starting to roll and there is nothing that is going to stop us! This week as we were all sitting in the office working on separate projects, one person was checking out the CNN page and found a video featuring the NFS Free2work application and the NFS Slavery Map directly on the top of the homepage, check it out here: Tracking Slavery around the World. For the next hour and a half I don’t think any of us got any work done as we all kept watching it in amazement and each of the platforms was tweeting about it and posting it on their facebook pages. For that hour.. our network was as slow as could be but in a good way! The most amazing part about working with Not For Sale right now is knowing that I am working with a company that is actually going out and making a difference in the world. Not For Sale is not afraid to test the waters and challenge others, our goal is to end slavery in our lifetime, not to be content and only tell people about the problem!

This week, we were able to finish up recording signatures that have come in from the Dark Side of Chocolateshowings. Over 1,200 people have signed saying that they want Hershey to up the bar! They don’t want child labor used to produce their favorite candy bars anymore! These petitions will be mailed off to Hershey’sPresident David West and we have more signatures coming in daily! If we can get enough consumers behind us on this project, it puts a hit on David West’s pocket book which FORCES him to make changes in how he does business. Can you imagine eating a chocolate bar and feeling good about the way it was produced? Well.. there ARE companies out there that do produce them ethically so you might want to check them out for now – Free2work has graded quite a few of the major chocolate brands!

On Thursday my father flew out to hang out for a few days so I was able to take Friday afternoon off. We got a chance to go explorer the Golden Gate Bridge State Park . It was an amazing way to get to spend some time with him and spend some quality time together away from everything. The views of the Golden Gate Bridge from below and above were amazing. From the top of the mountain you can see for miles and miles. The bridge, Oakland, and SF all fit into one little picture, how cool is that? It’s just amazing to see what all God has created and I can never get bored of that. I’m thinking that you can literally live in California for your entire life and still not see everything that it has to offer! On Saturday, we went down to San Jose where I was able to play baseball with a group of guys for the first time in several years! Brought me back to my childhood and I absolutely loved it! My dad said it felt like I was back in Highschool as my parents came out to see every game. They have supported me through everything I do and I love them both ALOT! After the game we stumbled upon Quimby Rd, which ironically is in Quimby, CA! Never even knew there was a town in the United States that sported our last name!

Next week is going to be an adventure as I am starting to work on the NFS Slavery Map. I will be researching cases of human trafficking and creating a more user friendly site that will help put data into the hands of those using the tool. When we present information to governments and police agencies, we need to have the best data behind us and this is a great way to start.


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