Shane Vermooten | Week 15

Week 15 only 9 weeks left, that’s so CRAZY to think about and at times scary. If I linger on that thought for too long, it can take up a lot of my time because now the “next step” is just around the corner. When you have no idea what that next step is, it is really exciting because anything can happen, yet at the same time it also hurts the brain to think about it to much as I go back and forth every day about what I want to do next.

This week was different, for the lack of a better word. On Monday, I survived my first earthquake –and by survived I mean the office probably shook for less than 3 seconds and then it was all over. Before I could even figured out what was happening, it was all over. Obviously, I am just a bit slow because mid shake our International Operations Director, Christina Hebets, yelled, “Its finally happening” and was about to climb under the table when it ended, giving the whole office a bit of comic relief.

On Tuesday afternoon Jono, Gabe had a brainstorming meeting for which went on for a couple hours, but we had a good time and I am excited to start seeing the “flesh put on the bones” of this project now.

Thursday was an awesome day as all the fellows drove for 2 hours out to Sonoma county and went Skydiving, this was the first time for all of us to go and it was such a crazy experience that I look forward to doing again in the future.

This week I was working on a piece for our new project in Romania, which we will be sending out at the begging of May to Facebook causes entire constituency, so this is an amazing opportunity for us. The piece has to be under 2 minutes but yet still have quite a bit of information so it’s a challenging one, but I will be finishing it up next week and will then post it.

Tomorrow is Easter. Probably one the most significant days on the Christian calendar, and today I was at home looking around the Internet when my brother sent me a link to a blog and although I have sat through a ton of Easter services and read about a lot of times, I enjoyed the way the author wrote about the situation.

“Might the disciples have been hiding behind a locked door because they had heard that Jesus was alive and he might be coming to scold them? Maybe not, but after denying him and running away from him in the time of his greatest need I imagine they were all quite shocked when Jesus appeared and instead of saying, “Shame on you!” or “How could you leave me?!” or  “Some kind of followers you are!” – In other words, all the things we might say to someone who forsakes us – Jesus says instead: Shalom. Peace be with you. Jesus offers wholeness to those who are the most broken and the most ashamed over their behavior.”

So I hope that you have a great Easter and thank you for continuing to read what I write.


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