David Quimby | Week 16

This last week flew by and it’s hard to even account for everything that has happened. With so much going on in my life, it’s becoming such a blur right now. This Tuesday I took a flight to Nashville to start a 10 day trip back to home. These two and a half weeks include quite a few achievements and goals in my life. Last week I went skydiving and just yesterday I completed another half marathon in just over two hours. Next week I will be graduating from a four year program at Olivet Nazarene University.

I really want to stop here and thank every person that has helped me along the way. Every friend and family member that has ever given me an encouraging word or a pat on the back, you are the reason I have gotten this far.
I saw a quote at the marathon expo in Nashville and it really pushed me to want to do more, to try harder. There are always going to be those people that doubt and tell me I can’t do what I set out to do. My motivation feeds off of that doubt!

“Tell me that I can’t do it. Tell me that I shouldn’t even try. Tell me it’s impossible. Tell me the risk is too high, the challenge too much, or the feat too tough. Tell me that I won’t do it…And I WILL!”

I feel that God is finally showing me a sort of path for the next year of my life. I am ready for the challenge and glad that I have the opportunity to do what I am doing and glad for the opportunities that are coming in time!


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