Shane Vermooten | Week 16

This upcoming week we are having a big push to a large constituency on our new international project in Romania. As a part of this campaign we needed a new video about our Romanian project, so needlesss to say, that’s what I worked on this past week. It was one of those projects that goes through a couple edits before you even get close to something usable, and while this is a pain at the same time, in the end, it always makes for a better product. When we release the video later in the week, I will put it in my blog.

Jono, Gabe and myself had a conference call with one of the potential companies that we were excited to use in developing In our previous meeting we brainstormed what we ideally wanted our platform to look like, and in our minds this was the company that was going to give us everything we need. Unfortunately, after being on a call for almost an hour with the company, it became evident that we had been confused about the services they offer. This week we are trying another company. I suppose that’s the only way you succeed -by trail and error. Now I am in a process of elimination. We have eliminated one company which wont work for what we need, but I am sure this week we will find the company we need.

Looking forward to a new week, especially if the weather is anything like today. This week is going to be a bittersweet week. Sweet because with Not For Sale there’s always something interesting happening, and bitter because we are saying goodbye to Don Batstone.


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