Shane Vermooten | Week 17

Big lights, huge speakers, smoke machines and thousands of people shouting your name with all that who hasn’t dreamed of being in a famous band. Growing up there was definitely a stage when I dreamed of being in a band that quickly passed, to the delight of everyone around me, when I realized that I was not gifted one little bit on the musical side of things infact I think I may even be tone deaf. This week I got to live out that dream a little along with some of other staff, through an awesome piece of technology which has changed the world, RockBand. On Monday we said good bye to Don Batstone who is moving back to LA, it was a very fitting party to say cheers to Don we ate junk food, acted like kids and laughed really hard. The main attraction at the party, which drew local singing sensations like Jill Morris was a full set up of rock band, it was a great time to chill, laugh and see a side of people that you often don’t see when working in an office.

This week we started our campaign with Causes to raise $ 50 000 for our project in Romania, it has been an exciting process watching the money come in and seeing how many people are watching the video on Youtube which sounds silly but its really great to see that people are actually watching the media that I have worked on.

The one thing which is great about editing is that you get to put yourself in other people’s worlds for a while and this week I had a big smile on my face as I edited the footage from the recent Free2Play camp in Thailand. It was great to see how so many kids who once victims of the worst kind of abuse and exploitation can now run around play games with big smiles on there faces because they have been giving a new future.

This weekend both my housemates where away so I decided to go away and visit some family friends in San Carlos, It was a very relaxing weekend and it is good to just have a change of scenery every now and then.


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