Jono Hirt | Week 19

Staff summit, celebrity bartender night, Facebook Causes event, first live broadcast and soft launch of Not For Sale TV, 2 dollar tacos, Zero Tolerance Community kickoff event – wrapped up into three days of not-a-lot-of-sleep. Just another week at the office. Just another week closer to the end of the Fellowship. I just started singing “Just Another Manic Monday” in my head – suffice it to say that will be todays theme song, stuck in my head as it is, I must iTunes it away…uno momento. Adele will do, “Someone Like You”, great song – one of those songs that takes you back through the annals of love lost, albeit a little too emotive for an easy Sunday morning. *Presses pause and keeps typing*

I don’t know what to write about today – I feel like I’ve written enough about the woes of me, for some ego-theistic reason that is what first comes to mind when I sit down to write. Internal reflections of a spoilt mind. I should mention the Zero Tolerance Community (ZTC) kickoff event that I took part in on Saturday. In a nut shell the ZTC Initiative is another brainchild of Not For Sale that works to take a zero tolerance stance on human trafficking one community at a time (in this case San Mateo County). The ZTC Initiative is a replicable model of engagement and empowerment that incorporates the NFS Backyard Academy but also involves a great deal of lead up and follow up. ZTC is in a way a commitment to each community that takes part, to stand with them against modern slavery, and work with them to eradicate it. Jill Morris, who is our International Constituency Director, took lead on the organization of the ZTC event – if I had half of Jill’s energy I’d be happy. Don’t tell her I said this but I’m really excited to be working with her, as I know I will learn a great deal from her, and trying to keep up will certainly toughen me up.

Dave, as he often does, says things off the cuff, that stick in my head – little pearls of wisdom as my 12th grade high school English teacher would call them. “Now we know what we want to be, we can’t be what we used to be.” Dave said this in his address at the staff summit on Thursday. Dave was talking about the direction of Not For Sale as an organization, however what he said, spoke directly to how I have been feeling. You could change the ‘what’ to a ‘where’ and it would perhaps hold even more truth for me and my position. “Now that you know where you want to be, you can’t be where you used to be.” And I don’t just mean geographically. Almost everything I have learnt (and thought about) over the last (almost) 5 months has been about STORY. About Not For Sale’s story, and how to best tell that through each particular platform. About my story leading up to the Fellowship, how my decisions and indecision’s have in one way or another, lead me here. About how we tell ourselves truthful and untruthful stories to justify and convince ourselves of things. And about how my story is now changing, as it takes on new chapters and closes the door on old ones. Someone of us are directionally challenged, not short in stature but short in thought and deficient in moving forward. It is one thing having direction or seeing the need for a new path, it is another thing doing it. Risking change. With that said direction (that is moving forward in life) can be challenging – but stagnation IS defeating. Stagnation leads to mediocrity and apathy – and I think those two things are what I fear the most. That and being eaten by a bear. Now that I know what I want to be and where I want to be (or get to), I can’t be what I used to be and for now I can be where I used to be.


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