David Quimby | Week 20

Here we go, one month left and nothing holding us back. This week has been a busy one with lots of Data entry. We are starting to log and keep information for all of the companies that are found on free2work.org, this includes facebooks, twitter tags, and hashtags for each company. This will make it easy to post, blog, or tweet about anything on that site at any time. Although it’s not fun work, there are some things that just have to get done sometimes.


My biggest task this week is to continue to work on the slaverymap.org website. We have continued to document cases this week and are slowly working on revamping everything so that our information can be more useful for our users. I have started now to look at more hidden cases, cases that don’t really make it into the news, cases that get settled out of court by bigger organizations. Organizations will try to sweep these cases under the rug so that no one finds out about them and these are super important ones to keep track of.


I really hit a challenging point this week. Are we really making a difference in what we are doing? Does sitting behind a computer screen for 40 hours a week really help anyone out around the world? Well, the long answer is yes. I can’t really explain here as it can be a 3 hour conversation. But after talking with Shane this week about the subject, it dawned on me that we aren’t building for instant answers to problems. What we are working right now is built on building a lasting answer to fighting human trafficking. I won’t see instant results from the work that I’m doing but eventually this work will make a difference. Somewhere down the chain, these tasks and all this work will lead to some sort of change, some sort of difference.


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