Jono Hirt | Week 20

“Week Whatever”

I don’t like starting my blogs with, “oh my gawd I can’t believe it’s week whatever”…but seriously its week 20.  Ridiculous.  I can’t decide if I feel like I have been here for a year or a week.  It chops and changes.  It’s been a journey, that is for sure.  Ups and downs.  Mostly ups.  A lot of laughing.  Not enough sleeping.  Not enough hours in the day, for work or rest.  I don’t know what step I am on – I took a bit of a leap coming here – not really “of faith” per se (as I knew it would be what I needed and wanted) perhaps a leap out of normal and easy into direction and purpose.   Not that I didn’t have those things in Sydney, it is just that I had other things too, like a “demanding” social life – or maybe I demanded a social life too much.


Tomorrow is the first day of the Investigator Academy.  It will actually be my third Investigator Academy – but the first as the Coordinator.  I first took part in the Investigator Academy last October and now 8 months later I’m getting ready to run my first one, crazy. (run my first one with a lot of help, namely Dennis and Keturah, but still)  It is exciting but still a little hard to believe.  I was talking to Mark (Executive Director and Co-Founder of NFS) the other day.  And we were laughing about how quickly everything changes and has changed.  After we talked, I realized a two things: One: things are not going to slow down and Two: this pace (and flexibility) is what is required.  If we are actually going to win, which means beating modern-day slavery, in our lifetime, we must keep this momentum – in fact we need to overtake the people we are working against.  It doesn’t always feel sustainable, and maybe it isn’t – I guess that’s why we need a global movement supporting us.  It’s tiring work.  It’s hard too.  But – which seems to be the phrase of the moment – it is what it is.  I should qualify that, it is what it is if you what to win.  It sounds kind of cheesy, but I want to win.  I don’t want to pass this saga onto another generation – I don’t want my children to work against human trafficking because I don’t want it to exist.  I may be bordering on over zealous, but zeal is better than apathy.  Apathy pisses me off.  It’s not good enough.  It’s not what is it.


I’m going to cut myself off.  I’m feeling rather ranty.  I said ranty.  As in rant, not rand.  Ok wrapping up.  This coming week is going to be interesting.  I want the Academy to run perfectly, but I know it won’t.  I’m excited, I am sure I will be feeling a mix of emotions – excitement, nerves, nerves.  I’ve been working my butt off the last three weeks to ensure everyone has a great experience.  I predict this first one will be like throwing a party – you never quite enjoy it as much as your guests, its easier to just go to a party.  Keturah, my Academy side-kick, co-anchor, team member – has been amazingly helpful and gracious.  Yes Keturah, gracious.  To quote a seminal piece of Australian film, “that’ll do pig, that’ll do”.  Peace!


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