Shane Vermooten | Week 20

This past weekend Not For Sale launched their first Zero Tolerance Community (ZTC) in San Mateo County. A ZTC sounds really exciting but what is it really? At Not for Sale we know that if you really want to have tangible change in a specific region, it has to involve all sectors it cant just be business or law enforcement acting alone but it needs everyone students, law enforcement, legal, government, non profit, everyone to come together to fight this very complex issue. On Saturday the 21st we launched our prototype ZTC bringing together all the sectors in San Mateo to create an environment that makes it very difficult for any person to be trafficked, Not For Sale hopes to take this model and replicate it all around the world. If you still want more information or clarity on what a ZTC is, then you are in a good place, this past week I worked on the promo for ZTC which was shot at the launch.

This weekend was the year anniversary of the freedom store and I worked the store today, had a very festive feel with balloons and free food and drink, which was awesome for me as I probably ate most the food. But between eating the food and helping customers I started reading the talent code, which I kind of was interested in, but as I started reading I really got into the book and really enjoyed it. From the 2 chapters that I have read, if you have not read the book I think it will be worth a read, but I will let you know once I have completed it.

Tomorrow is the start of an academy in San Francisco, which I am excited about because I missed the last academy as I was in Peru filming for freedom Sunday. Instead of going back and forth between our house and the city we will be staying in the city for the week, which will be super fun as we haven’t made it up to the city to often recently and its always a great city to hang out in.


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