David Quimby | Week 21

Life.. Oh Life.

This has been a very quiet week at the fellow’s house. For the entire week Jono and Shane were staying at the Clune house in San Francisco for the Investigator Academy. Although I hate it and not like me at all, I had a lot of quiet and alone time this week to just think about things. Although I have been finding times like these more and more often here.. miss everyone back at home – games of kickball, late night slushy runs, and anything else you can imagine. A person I was chatting to asked me the simple question.. where do you see yourself in 5 years? It stresses me out to think that I have no idea whatsoever and my life is up in the air right now. Although I have never exactly known what I wanted to do with my life… it would be nice to have something planned for the next 6 months. God, can you give me some life of where I am supposed to be? Sometimes I am so envious of those people that have everything planned out but I know that is not me at all. If you asked me what my plans for next Tuesday were.. I couldn’t even give you a great answer for that. Is this something I need to change? I am finding more and more that the answer to this question might be a definite YES! Life…although fun when random and crazy.. needs some sort of structure which I am lacking right now.


I was able to stop by the Investigator Academy two days this week and on one of the days, Mark Wexler, co-founder of Not For Sale spoke about the future of Not For Sale to all the future investigators. Not For Sale is on the leading edge of the movement to end human trafficking. Soon, they will be rolling out a few different cutting edge products that will actually make a dent in human trafficking around the world. I am going to give you a name now that you will hear more of in the near future: Smart Tea. This is a tea produced in a specific area of Peru that is produced ethically and with laborers that are paid a fair and adequate wage everyday. As of now, we know that this tea will have some sort of cancer fighting agents in it but there may be more health benefits to find as NFS moves forward in the production of the tea. The best part about this product is that it will be on your local shelves and a very high amount of the proceeds of this beverage will go back to the communities in Peru to provide jobs for those that might be in danger of human trafficking.


Awareness? Human trafficking is a problem … but we are past that. The world is in DIRE need of change and it is time to move on from awareness. It is time to pool funds and effort to actually make a change.  There are some many different organizations out there fighting human trafficking.. it’s time to unite and work for the same goal.


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