Shane Vermooten | Week 21

In March during the time of Freedom Sunday, I had the opportunity to go to Peru. It was an awesome experience – the only down side was that I missed the academy. This past week I made that up by attending the May/June academy. It was a really fun week but besides the teaching, we got to stay at the Clunie house, in the city, and had an awesome time exploring the city and just hanging out somewhere else but Half Moon Bay. I was looking forward to the academy but to be honest I wasn’t sure how much I was going to get out of it personally as I had seen a lot of the investigation happen back home and the laws and environment are different in South Africa as apposed to San Francisco or Houston. Despite the differences I really did learn a lot, even in areas where I thought I knew what I was talking about I quickly realized that maybe I didn’t know that much. If anything, what it did for me was show me that Human Trafficking is often way more complex then we make it out to be, and its often not a black and white issue. If you are interested in doing the academy I would encourage you to try and do an academy where you can stay at the house because I felt that is where a lot of the learning was done in community, while in the kitchen making food, or just waiting for the coffee to brew.
Leaving the academy I may even be more confused about this complex issue of human trafficking, then I was a week ago, but I think often being confused and not knowing all the answers is better than knowing all the answers. I flew up to LA this weekend to visit my brother who was finishing his DTS, and it was a really great time hanging out and seeing how many other young people have a passion for the issue of human trafficking but don’t know how they can get involved and encouraging them in different ways to get involved and make a difference.

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