Diana Cannon | Week 1

One week down.  In some ways I feel like I’ve just barely started my journey with Not For Sale, and in other ways I feel like I’ve been with them for months.  The latter feeling probably stems from the sheer amount of knowledge that I’ve been given; it seems impossible that all of that information could have fit into just five days.  It did, though.

Talking it over with a couple of the other fellows during a break, I came up with the metaphor that I felt like a sponge soaking up as much as I could, but that at some point in the week I was just thrown into a bucket.  I can’t possibly soak up all of the water in the entire bucket.  I just hope I’m getting the important things down.

A lot of the things I’m learning are the staff’s life stories with human trafficking: how they first heard about it, how they got interested, what they did to fight it before they were with Not For Sale, and then finally how they heard about this organization, how they ended up joining, and what they’ve been doing with it since.

The main thing that I’m taking away from these stories is that NFS is full of crazy-dedicated over-achievers.  At first, that was a little intimidating.  Every time I narrated my impression of the staff members to a friend or family member, however, they’ve responded something along the lines of, “So you’ll fit right in?”  Maybe I’ll feel more like I’m of equal over-achiever caliber when I actually start working.  I’m incredibly excited about that, by the way.  I’ll be doing lots of research.  I’ll talk more about it when it actually starts happening, though.  That won’t be for a while.  For the next couple weeks I’ll be at the academy, first to learn about investigation, and then to learn about the supply chain.  So I’ll send out an update on those things as they come.

As my last comment for this blog, I would like to say that the other fellows are great.  I hope they’re reading this so they know how great they are.


One response to “Diana Cannon | Week 1

  1. I’m so glad you’re doing this! Good luck with your endeavor!

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