Diana Cannon | Week 3

So I finally got around to reading everyone else’s blogs, and it seems like the trend of week one was to include some sort of personal introduction. I guess I forgot that a lot of people who are reading this won’t know who I am. Well, sorry, I still won’t really tell you. But I’ll give you some fun facts that I shared this week during an ice breaker game of Two Truths and a Lie. Fact one: My hair has been every color of the rainbow and every natural color at least once. Fact two: When I was a kid, I had a fairly large collection of dinosaur figurines (“fairly large” means over 120). Fact 3: I used to do civil war re-enactments. I don’t know if you’ve ever played the game before, but here’s how it works: only two of those statements are true. I’ll tell you next week which one is the lie.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll talk about my week. It was definitely less emotionally charged than last week. The book we’re reading (The Tipping Point) details a theory about how movements start, stick, and flourish. It’s much less heart-breaking than accounts of slavery. Similarly, the academy this week was about what makes up a supply chain and how it’s happened that injustices can so easily occur and get lost in that process, but there wasn’t a lot of detail on what the injustices that occur look like. Most importantly, though, I’m actually getting to do real work. That has been huge for my mental state. As long as I feel like I’m actually a part of change instead of just hearing about how awful the world is, I don’t feel trapped and stagnant. So any time we had any kind of break at the academy, I was eagerly responding to NFS emails, or researching how many senators had signed on to Bill 1301 (Look it up, then call your senators and ask them to back it). Even doing inventory at the store, which is a fairly mindless task of counting and tallying, takes on new significance when I know that, however indirectly, each tally mark I make contributes to this cause. It also doesn’t hurt that each shirt I fold was ethically made, provides a fair wage to the people making it, and raises awareness. I feel really good about the work that I’m doing. On top of that, I feel really good about the relationships I’m building. There are some quality people at Not For Sale. In short: I loved this week, and I’m incredibly excited about what’s to come.


2 responses to “Diana Cannon | Week 3

  1. I say civil war re-enactments since you live in So Cal and there ain’t so civil war stuff here! Thanks so much for wrangling all the data on our outreach on 1301! It’s one of the most important pieces of legislation to help us end slavery! This year is historic and I am so happy you are willing to take it on. And I agree it’s more important to be a part of change than to wallow in the sadness. As we say in the South “you can be pitiful or you can be powerful” and we are going to be a great power in ending slavery (with the help of some amazing Fellows)!

  2. I meant Nor Cal (that’s from 7 years of living in Santa Monica)! bad habits are hard to die. And apparently I can’t edit my comment!

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