Luz Sanchez | Week 3

Kids, this week was very much an office-work-stare-at-your-computer-screen-reading-alot-of-words kind of week. We began going to office regularly (and by regularly I mean Monday, Wednesday and Friday, not that Tuesday and Thursday are days off) and getting right into our platform work. So far, it’s mostly answering and sending out emails and inviting everyone, their mom, and their mother’s mom to the Global Forum on Human Trafficking in October.

The forum, by the way, is an annual event hosted by Not For Sale where folks of all kinds of fields and backgrounds – I’m talking students, teachers, moms, dads, aunts and uncles, small business owners, CEOs, law enforcement, all kinds of faith leaders and followers, political representatives – gather at a round table (and by round table I mean the lovely office facility of Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale, CA) and discuss and conceptualize ways to prevent and abolish slavery. We have the pleasure and honor of presenting amazing guest speakers like Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter,  San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt, Lt. John Vanek (who was so amazing last week at the academy I mentioned him in my blog), and a handful of other wonderful abolitionists. I will be there too. And so should you. Just sayin’.

I haven’t exactly jumped into my platform yet. I start Monday on the research. But I did attend two days of Supply Chain Academy. And must say I enjoyed it much more than the Investigator Academy. Don’t get it twisted; the Investigator Academy was very informative and just as important as the Supply Chain Academy but it was also more emotionally intense. The information being conveyed to me was much more easily processed. (Mucho thanks to Haley Wrinkle: Free2Work Senior Researcher, an awesome teacher and cool peeps). In the two days I was there we learned what’s activists are doing to ensure workers are compensated and their rights acknowledged, what rules and regulations are in place, and what’s being done to hold companies accountable (if you didn’t already know, it involves educating consumers and A LOT of patience). We also learned about monitoring and auditing practices within companies as well as a company’s Code of Conduct which is available to the public so you can read it too if you’d like and find out for yourself if your favorites products or the other products you’re buying are fairly and ethically made. Or you can download the Free2Work app on your smart phone and scan the barcode on those products and view the rating we reward them so you that you too can be a smart consumer. Just sayin’. We also took a look at a few companies that are doing it right: GAP, Levi’s, and Alta Gracia whose factory is in DR, my motherland! Representando mis paisanos!

As far as shenanigans go, there weren’t many this week. Except if you count Natalie getting stuck in her closet which I do!

Ah and as promised the second half of the insanely comical Break Out. In the conclusion of this fantasticle production we have musical renditions of the 90’s boy band era by yours truly and Natalie, a guest appearance from NFS Director of Technology and Digital Media, Sir “Just Gabe” Brown, and a tutorial session on How Not To Use A Wrench Or Screwdriver But Empty Cereal Boxes To Fix A Squeaky Bed Frame featuring Natalie and Mandolyn. Enjoy the show!

Act IV: Musical Ride

Act V: A Knight is Born Part II

Act VI: D.Y.I. or How Not To Use A Wrench Or Screwdriver But Empty Cereal Boxes To Fix A Squeaky Bed Frame

Step 1 Feng Shui Your Environment

Step 2: Gather Materials

Step 3: Succeed and Conquer

Step 4: Sleep like a Baby


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  1. Natalie is the cutest ever…

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