Diana | Week 4

So, for those of you who have been wondering, I have never had a collection of dinosaur figurines. I don’t think I’ve ever even had one dinosaur figurine. But the hair and the re-enactments were real. I change my hair a lot, particularly when I’m entering a new phase of my life (spoiler alert: it will soon be time to do so again), and I definitely did a few re-enactments. Ironically, I was a confederate. Don’t judge me. If you’ve got any follow-up questions on it, I’d be happy to answer them, but if you’re not interested I don’t want to get geek all over you, so I’ll refrain.

Anyway, on to my week. The first half of this week was a delicious blur of activity. I love having stuff to do. I was taking calls, researching companies, having meetings, and generally just getting a lot of stuff done. The second half of the week was a little mystifying because I realized that I’d accidentally finished all my tasks. So, when I was in the office, I helped out with some other people’s tasks. When I was home, though, I started to get antsy. Usually I would just use the downtime to catch up on our fellows reading assignment, but I finished The Tipping Point last week (I even wrote a group discussion guide for it), and I don’t know what the book we’re starting next week is. With my glaringly blank to-do list in front of me, I did something a little drastic. I sent out a general “Hey, does anyone have any projects they’d like me to cover?” email to anyone and everyone I’ve worked with. I knew it would be dangerous. Not For Sale is full of people who take on too much and do a million things at once. I just wanted to be one of those people! That’s how I ended up taking on a bunch of random tasks from different sectors of the organization. Editing, research, summarizing documents. It was when I was reading through a bill that’s going through the House of Representatives right now that I started to think about how cool my job is. Conclusion: It’s really cool.  I definitely feel like a part of the movement.  This organization is doing so many different things in so many different spheres of influence (a favorite phrase of ours at the academy), with so many different people in so many different parts of the world.  It’s great.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say for this week.  A lot of people have been gone at Spirit West Coast or SoulFest or a wedding, so I’m sure their blogs will be more interesting than mine has been.  Here’s a fun fact to balance it out:  Worms reportedly taste like bacon.  I didn’t know until just now, either.  And I swear I’ve never tried.  But just in case you get stranded in the woods at some point and are forced to eat worms to survive… just know that it may not be as unpleasant as you assumed.  Unless you’re a vegetarian.  In which case getting lost in the woods was not a good call.


One response to “Diana | Week 4

  1. Diana, I bet they really liked & appreciated your help/multi-tasking & I enjoyed all you shared with us – worms & all – you must be an early bird for sure (they always get the worm you know…)♥


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