Luz | Week 4

Welcome kids to the end of a very quiet yet productive week 4.

This week I began working in my “platform”, Free2Work. The assignment: research articles on supply chain for a new project that could make more information readily available to consumers, you. Seemingly, it’s an easy process: type in specific search terms, click on a link, read through the article, and determine whether it is applicable to your research or not. And it is an easy process – until the handful of articles that are directly related to your research and are properly tagged as such become indirectly related and aren’t tagged correctly, aren’t tagged with enough tags, or aren’t tagged at all. Then it becomes a long process. Then of course are the terms that dwindle results down even further and make it harder to find relevant material; terms like date and type of document. An article or report published in 1976 or 1992 is important for its time and for reference in whatever field it pertains to but when one’s goal is to educate the consumer about the supply chain in today’s day and age it isn’t very relevant and therefore not at all useful. And though type of document isn’t a search term there is a difference between an article about the cocoa industry and its deeply rooted connection with forced labor and child labor reported by the NYTimes or The Huffington Post and a blog post by a self-proclaimed thrifty, eco-friendly stay-at-home dad with a very loud, biased opinion. No matter how knowledgeable that blogger may be on the subject of supply chain an opinion is an opinion does not trump the facts a well-known newspaper reporter has discovered through his or her own research. All this is to affirm the fact: this is a very long and time consuming process. My schedule has consisted of this and nearly nothing else. But I actually like it. Of course this is only my first assignment and I don’t want to jinx it but so far I am enjoying my job.

On Sunday, I worked the Freedom Store for the first time but I wasn’t exactly at the cashier’s desk. I decided to come in 2 hours before my shift in order to organize the store. A few days earlier, many of the products were put aside to be taken to Spirit West Coast, a Christian Music Festival in Monterey where Not For Sale has set up booth for the first time. So, the store was pretty empty which is no bueno. Something needed to be done. And like to organize. It’s very therapeutic. Helps calm nerves and all that. It might also have to do with being raised by a very talented, creative, and perfectionist mother. Something rubbed off on me. Anyway, the merchandise was gone, the store bare, something needed to be done. Two hours before opening, my fellow fellow Christy and I begin the enormous task of organizing the store. Honestly, my only intension was to properly fold and organize the shirt merchandise we had in storage. It took Christy and I 3 and ½ hours to fold and separate all the shirts by size, color, and design. And then we started with the store. We fixed up the displays in between the flow of customers (we didn’t want customers to see us working on the displays; it disturbs the shopping process – haha). We laid out more variety in shirts, rearranged the displays of jewelry, placed some of our fancier pieces of jewelry and purses in our display case, rearranged the display of shoes, and a whole bunch of other things. It was a long day that ended way after closing – 9:27 pm to be exact. Needless to say Christy and I were exhausted yet unbelievably relaxed. And the store looks B–E–Autiful but I guess I have a biased take on that. If you’re happen to grace Half Moon Bay with your lovely presence you should stop by and admire the amazingness. And we’ll be receiving new merchandise soon so I’ll be having more fun figuring out the best place for all of that to go and you will have more choices in products! Yay! Until then I will be tackling the warehouse that, how should I say this, looks like it’s not in Kansas anymore. It will be another exhausting yet fun and relaxing day for me. Hooray for mess and perfectionists!

There hasn’t been many shenanigans this week. Like I said it’s been pretty quite. Christy is in Nebraska this weekend for a friends’ wedding and Natalie and Mandolyn have been rockin’ Spirit West Coast since Wednesday night. I gave them the mission of selling as many merchandise as possible. They accepted the mission proudly. Natalie tells me they’re doing pretty well too. I’m so proud. A single tear drop falls from her left eye. And I have definitely been relishin’ in the peacefulness. It is so friggin’ wonderful. I could sing about it. I have sung about it. I may have danced too. Made myself some arroz, habicuelas, y carne (De – li – cio – so) and settled down in front of my computer with my poetry notebooks, literature, and Charlie Brown mug full of Chamomile tea to pen my Half Moon Bay memoirs. And with that I bid you kind folk good night. My tea awaits.



One response to “Luz | Week 4

  1. OMG, Luz – you have been truly busy & I’m sure very very much appreciated for all you have done!!! It does feel good to rearrange & spruce things up a bit – gives a new fresh air to the surroundings/store, etc.


    keep organizing & making changes all for the sake of the call..♥

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