Christy | Week 5

Greetings once again from the eternal fogbank of Half Moon Bay—although today was actually sunny, which was a joyous occasion. It called for a nap on the couch beneath the window, curtains open, sunbeams streaming in. Seriously folks, for someone who grew up in a state where it’s sunny over 300 days a year, this constant fog and mist is a wee bit of a change. On days like today, when the sun’s out, I feel a desperate need to run outside and rejuvenate my Vitamin D levels. People who live in the area keep telling me that come September, it’ll be beautiful—I’m waiting.

This has been another crazy busy week, full of e-mails and research and folding shirts in the Freedom Store—again, I won’t get bogged down with all the details. The highlight of the work week for me, though, was the Global Forum planning meeting/staff summit on Friday morning. We went through a rough outline of the schedule for the weekend, and let me say, I’m excited. It looks like a really great line up of events and speakers. I know I’ll be working for most of the weekend, probably running around with barely a stop for breath, but I think it’s going to be a really great event. For more information on some of the confirmed speakers, check out

In other news, we’ve been making a few improvements on the fellows’ house—just doing a little sprucing up after six months of all boys living in it. Primarily, at least as far as I’m concerned, I made some updates to my bathroom. When I moved in, my bathroom came with a bright orange shower curtain. While orange may be the color of freedom, it’s a bit of a jarring color for a shower curtain. However, I found an extra shower curtain lying around the house, with blue and green and orange circles—so it still keeps the orange, but a bit toned town. Add to that a new blue bath mat, and voila! It’s like a totally new room.

All for now—have lovely weeks, everyone!



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