Luz Sanchez | Week 5

Kids! My time of peacefulness has ended! It was brutally taken from me in a hostile takeover by intruders – the West Coast Bandits! I didn’t even have time to say goodbye. My precious! I will always remember you! (She throws herself on the bed and sobs uncontrollably.)


As my dramatic self has informed you, quiet time has ended. The girls are back and its back to the regular shared spaced routine. All is well (though I do miss you Wonderful Peacefulness.) Christy shared good times at her friends’ wedding and Natalie and Mandolyn survived and rocked the hectic and energeticness that was Spirit West Coast. If you haven’t yet done so – and I don’t know why you haven’t – read their previous blog entries to enlighten yourself on all their adventures. Seriously, go read them. Like right now. Well, maybe not right now. You should finish reading my blog first and then catch up on theirs. I still don’t understand why you need to catch up. You should have already been reading them. Just sayin’.


So, work. Yes, work because we’re adults here, you know. At least during the day I am. During the night I sneak around the neighborhood and tag the world with youthful messages, rhymes, and aspirations that keep the world alive and thriving! It’s like I’m Batman or Superman. It’s like I’m Dr. Seuss. It’s like I’m Mary Poppins. No, it’s like I’m me. Haha! And during the day me, myself, and I and all my dramatic alter egos work diligently to fight slavery. Dude, I’m a superhero all day. Cool.


This week I received three new missions. Yes, three. The first is social media: I must update Free2Work’s Twitter page at least once a day or as frequently as time-sensitive articles allow. So, if you have a Twitter check – it – out:!/Free_2_Work Booyah!


Mission Two! I must research a company’s (and its brands and/or subsidiaries) corporate structure for its rules and regulations and certification on labor (including forced and child labor). I’m on a test drive – been given three companies already rated by Free2Work to start. It sounds simple enough but it takes a little while. I have to look through a third party site, then the company’s site, then the brands’ site, then the subsidiary’s site and then back and forth until I have the information. I have a spreadsheet though! Yay!


Mission Three! I must search for the top 10 companies in the chocolate industry, the electronics industry, and the cut flowers industry. Then I must note their sales, number of employees, and product industry. Simple enough – no! But I have another spreadsheet! Yay! Organization!


Speaking of organization: the store looks great. People have been complimenting. I haven’t said it was me. It’s sometimes better when you listen from invisibility. Of course now every time I’m in there I can immediately spot if something is out of place and I am magnetically drawn to fix it. Now, Christy and I have moved to organizing the warehouse. And that’s a mission within a mission within a mission. Like I said last week: not in Kansas anymore. But it’s coming along. Somewhat. Again, hooray for mess and perfectionists.


And speaking of perfectionists – these folks of Not For Sale are seriously working their asses off to make Global Forum fanfriggintasticle for all of you. Seriously, during Friday’s meeting we got a rundown of the itinerary and I can’t say much except it’s really well thought out. You’re going to feel like you’re at home. Seriously, why haven’t you signed up for Global Forum yet? What am I going to do with you all? Hmm? First the blogs now Global Forum. Tisk, tisk. Your breaking my heart here. Just sayin’.


And speaking of feeling at home – Christy has remodeled her bathroom. And by remodeled I mean she has replaced the bright orange and slightly moldy shower curtain (orange maybe the color of freedom but as Christy diplomatically put it – it’s a little “jarring”), bought a new bath mat to go with the bright-but-old-but-still-in-its-packaging-poka-dot-shower-curtain. It’s a vast improvement. I am very impressed. Christy and Natalie were very happy with the process. And Sir Gabe made another guest appearance. He is now “Tangerine Man!”


Curtain Call: Toning Down the Orange.

Gabriel Brown, aka Sir Gabe, aka Just Gabe, aka JG, aka Tangerine Man


One response to “Luz Sanchez | Week 5

  1. Luz, thanks for week 5 – sounds like so much fun & a new shower curtain can really “do it” for a while & then something else will pop up that needs a change too… ♥

    I’m glad those are noticing the difference in the feel of the store arrangement & being quite lets others toot your horn!!! Love the photos – worth a thousand words or more – looks like “orange” is a perfect cape for sure… ♥


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