Mandolyn | Week 5

It’s an absolute blur!

This week has gone by so fast!! Getting back on Sunday from working all week in Monterey, then jumping back into the swing of things on Monday made it seem like there wasn’t a distinct week. Before going to Spirit West Coast, I didn’t have much work left to do, and was starting to get kind of bored… I hinted at this to Keturah and Jill, and they made sure to fix it! Haha! I was given 4 more big projects this week, and I am loving it! I get to work with Gabe on a community project, Jill and Diana with another project involving CAN, Keturah on a marketing project, and Kevin and Eddie Byun on a project for Fast For Freedom. I’ll get a 5th project added next week, working with Ethan. Even though it’s a lot of work that requires many late nights, I am absolutely loving it! I am loving that the projects are all over the place, in many different platforms. Through this, I get to work with more of the staff individually, get to know them a little better, and gain a better understanding of all that it takes to make NFS such a successful non-profit. Better yet, I get to work, first hand, in so many different parts of the abolitionist movement. I, literally, stopped and laugh today; just thinking about the fact that I’m actually here, getting to work as a leader in the Abolitionist Movement. Amazing, and surreal.

Tuesday I was able to hitch a ride to the city with Jill, since she had a lunch meeting there. I spent the day at a coffee shop, getting work done, while she went and did her thing. It was so great to get out of sleepy Half Moon Bay! It was even better getting to know Jill better, and glean some of her little pearls of wisdom. She’s just such an awesome individual, and amazing professional mentor/leader. We had great conversations in the car, during our Costco trip while wearing out In-n-Out hats. Yes, folks. I had my first In-n-Out experience on Tuesday; I am forever changed. Thanks to Jill, I even got the hat, stickers, and photo to prove it! Haha!

Most of my evenings this week have been spent at the office, focusing on the different projects, trying to nail out details and wrap my head around them. It was great to come up for a breather for a couple hours on Thursday. NFS has a couple of staff that live in other States, so they (Kevin and Kristen) came to Half Moon Bay for our monthly Staff Summit. Jill had a great thought to have them, Keturah, and the fellows, over to her house and make homemade curry!! Yes, people, homemade curry! I was in heaven. She is such a great chef! We had heaps of laughter that night, and it was a good break from all the chaos.

Fact of the matter is, I love the chaos and the community that defines NFS. Reflecting back on the past few weeks, I just can’t help but love it. This place, these people I get to work with, it TRULY is like a family. Even the criticism is done like a family; in love, not in an air of ill-feelings towards you. Everyone here really wants to help each other succeed, and to do the best they can. They help you to remember to laugh when you need to laugh, and vent when you need to vent. It really IS like a family. I mean, in what workplace do you get to go to the co-founder/president’s house, cook Korean food in his kitchen, hang out with the president’s parents, all while everyone is cutting loose and playing basketball in the backyard or watching the Giants game on the tube in the living room??? I mean, really?!?! I love my job.

I’ll share a little story of a conversation I had today with my sweet 13yr old “knows everything in the world” niece, as I was getting attacked by pelicans at the pier (that story is for another day…):

Abby: What are you doing?
Me: I’m working today.
Abby: You are working on Saturday?? That sucks!
Me: No, it’s alright. I love my job.
Abby: You LOVE your job?!?!?!?! (Completely surprised that it was possible to love your job…)
Me: Yea! I absolutely love my job! What I am doing is making a difference in someone else’s life, and is helping free people bound in slavery. My job is awesome.

:) You know what, I couldn’t agree more. It is so cool.


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