Diana Cannon | Week 5

So this has been an emotional week, and I only worked for half of it, so this blog will be filled with more personal ramblings than blogs past. I spent the last several days in Oregon at my lovely aunt’s wedding. It was a really beautiful occasion. Her husband is deaf, so half of the guests were deaf as well, and that meant a bilingual ceremony. Everything that was said was also signed and everything that was signed was also said. There was only one exception: the vows were only signed. That was the thing that made me cry (I’m such a softie at weddings), because it meant that she was saying those vows just for him and not for the observers. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen anyone sign, but the language so easily lends itself to the expression of emotions, and the sincerity of her face and hands as she committed herself to him was really moving. Anyway, I mention it because it was such an eclectic group of people. Not only were there both deaf and hearing people, but there were also people from different families, different countries, and different walks of life. They were all brought together because they love my aunt and (now) uncle. Weddings are awesome that way.

I was thinking about how Not For Sale is a bit the same. People who work there are from all over the world, and have completely different personalities and life experiences. What unites us is a passion for ending human trafficking. It’s a bit amazing when you think about it.

The other significant thing that happened this week is that my boyfriend went back to the Midwest. We’re the same age, but he didn’t graduate early like a crazy person, so he’s still got a year left of school. He came to California to be with me for the summer, but by now there are over 2,000 stupid miles between us. And they’ll stay between us for four months before he comes back for Christmas. I’m probably not going to be talking about that too much, partly because I’m a pretty private person, and partly because nobody wants to be the girl constantly complaining about how much she misses her boyfriend. I do miss him, though. Already. This does not bode well. Also, I don’t have a fun way to tie that back to NFS the way that I did with my trip to Oregon (did you see that? how I made it all relevant and such?), but it’s definitely the thing that’s been most on my mind, so it didn’t make sense not to include it. A new phase of my life starts today (he JUST left). Hopefully it’s a good one. I know it will at least be a growing one. And being at NFS will definitely help with that. Oh look; I did tie it back! Great. I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.


One response to “Diana Cannon | Week 5

  1. So sorry you are missing your love but i’m sure there will lots of things to distract you for moments of time at NFS… ♥


    not much one can say when you are missing someone like that…

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