Christy Sobilik | Week 6

Hello, again. It’s been yet another crazy busy week. With just nine weeks to the Global Forum, things are really beginning to pick up pace—we’ve been doing some, as they call it, “hand-to-hand combat” in trying to recruit people to come. I already told you guys how cool I think the Global Forum is going be, but I am anticipate many weeks of crazy busy blurriness ahead of me. I’ve also been working a couple of other new projects. I’m helping Jamee (who oversees the Student Abolitionist Movement) beef up the Free2Challenge program, a campaign to get students to host events as fundraisers for Not For Sale’s projects, and I’ve been helping write a couple more articles and newsletters. Look at me, putting that English degree to good use.

I won’t go into too much nitty gritty detail about all the e-mails I’ve sent, but there is one project I want to talk about. Operation Clean-and-organize-the-garage is approaching completion! Luz and I have spent so many hours folding shirts, sorting them by size and style, placing them in bins, sweeping and cleaning the garage, and moving shelves around, and we’re almost done. This has been a much needed-project, but let me tell you, I’ll be glad when it’s done. On the other hand, organizing is a therapeutic activity for me. It’s like creating order out of chaos, and when you’re finished, it’s so satisfying to look at the neat and tidy rows.

And now for a fun story. Jill, the Managing Director here at Not For Sale, is getting married next weekend. She needed some help timing the procession for the ceremony, so on Friday she enlisted the help of the fellows and Jamee to pretend to be bridesmaids and walk down the aisle of the wedding pavilion (right outside the shopping center where the Not For Sale store and office are located) so she could see how long it would take. The best part—her processional music is going to be the Star Wars theme.

This, my friends, assures me that I am working at the right place. I have found yet another nest of nerdiness. And that makes me very happy.

Until next week!



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