Diana Cannon | Week 6

So, there’s been a lot going on in my week, but not a lot of significant things have happened that I actually feel comfortable posting on the internet. It’s been one of THOSE weeks. Oh, but here’s something I can talk about: my college started again this week. I graduated early last May, so that means that the majority of my class still has another year to go. All my friends have been moving into their dorms or off-campus housing and getting ready to start going back to school. I know because almost all of their status updates say the same thing. “Back at Wheaton and ready for another year!” “Just moved in; can’t wait to start!” “So looking forward to this semester.” It’s a little weird for me. I can’t say I feel left out exactly. I loved college, but I started to get a little burned out on classes by the end of it, so right now I would definitely prefer to be where I am. Not only do I not have to take tests or write papers (at least… not exactly), but I’m working for a cause instead of a grade. I am no longer just learning about human trafficking and wishing I could do something about it; I am actually doing it. That makes a huge difference to me. Still, though, it’s strange to think that that world continues without my presence. I realize how arrogant that sounds, but I don’t mean it that way. I guess it’s just easy to assume that things stay stagnant when I’m not watching them. But they don’t. The world keeps going whether we pay attention or not. Of course, that’s another reason that what we’re doing at Not For Sale is so important – because it isn’t as if the number of enslaved humans will stay at 27 million forever. In truth, there are probably more than 27 million already. When David Batstone put out the second edition of his book, Not For Sale, he changed it to 30 million. Traffickers won’t stay stagnant if we aren’t looking; they will find more and more people to exploit. They will become better and better at what they do. But, on the flip side, if we’re fighting, too, then we will become better and better at what WE do.

Speaking of which, I’m starting to get a lot of projects at Not For Sale, so that’s really good. I feel all needed and important and such. Also I really like the work that I’m doing. It’s interesting and engaging and fun times. This was a little bit of a short week, though, because of my time off to go to the wedding. Actually, I technically only took Monday off, but it feels like it was a shorter week than it was because I only went into the office twice (WF) instead of three times (MWF). Apparently that makes a difference. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say for this week, but stay tuned, friends. More to come.


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