Luz Sanchez | Week 6

Here we are at the end of another office-work-stare-at-your-computer-screen-reading-alot-of-words kind of week. It has been filled with so much research. Let us recap shall we?

Mission One! Tweeting has had a slow start but fun start. I love tweeting. No joke. It’s better than Facebook. I hate Facebook. I honestly do. Grr. But tweeting is fun. Yay!

Mission Two! Remember when I told ya the research I had to do on a company’s (and its babies and its babies babies) corporate structure for its rules and regulations and certification on labor? Well, trial is over. And I passed! Your face! It took a while just as I said it would but it was a great exercise. I got to really look at some corporate structures and the way each company allows “easy”, public access to them. It was very interesting. I wasn’t given any new companies to search for though. That will be for the next week. And as for Mission Three! I was instructed to put it on hold. For I was assigned with placing new tags on the article research (for the new F2W app) I did ages ago. That was fun. Over all, it was very much going over my tasks and making sure I got them right which I did. Success!

In Other News: I assisted in writing/editing an award nomination submission. The nominee: Dave Batstone. I don’t know how much of what I wrote will be in the final product but that’s not the point. I was writing. And it felt awesome. It was a bit refreshing actually. Hoorah!

In Other News Part II: I helped Jill, our NFS wonder woman, time her wedding procession to the Star Wars theme! Super fun. She’s awesome. You want to create a Zero Tolerance Community or become a CAN Director? She’s the powerhouse behind that. There’s no other person to connect with. Seriously, why haven’t you contacted her yet?

In Other Other News: The warehouse is almost complete! We have swept all we could sweep and swatted away at cobwebs. We’ve moved some shelving units around and left some space for a mailing station. It’s looking good. All there is left is to organize office materials and a bunch of papers. With a few more shelving units and plastic boxes (and new merchandise!) we’ll be good. (Almost) Victory!

In Other Other News Part II: I am in charge of leading the next Fellows Book discussion: Three Cups of Tea. I’ve already started. And it’s not bad. We shall see if I approve. The first book we had to read was …. wait for it …. Not For Sale! Caught you of guard there huh? Christy led that discussion. The second book we read was The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. We just had that discussion this past Wednesday – Diana led that one. It was a very interesting book. I agreed with many a point he made. (I’m a theory person. I don’t like to be limited by narrow-mindedness. And I understand that to better co-exist with everyone and everything one must be open to answers that may contradict what you have thought and believed your whole life. How’s that for security?) The book is about innovations – small ones, the ones that actually stick because sometimes small is better and about the significance of word-of-mouth and the people who make word-of-mouth happen. It was a good read. I honestly wouldn’t read it again. Unless if I were to write a paper on it. But only for a class. My favorite part was when he used Sesame Street as an example of a “sticky” innovation. I appreciated that. I love Sesame Street.

In Fellows News: Nothing much to report here except Natalie tried a tamale for the first time the other day. That was entertaining. History in the making. Oh! And I finally got to see “Downtown Half Moon Bay.” It was weird. Mt idea of “Downtown” is Greenwich Village, Soho, Chinatown, Chelsea, Battery Park City – in other words, it involves lower Manhattan.

Well, that is all folks. I’m going to go watch an episode of Sesame Street.


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