Christy Sobolik | Week 7

NFS Fellowship Blog, Week 7

Hello again! I can’t believe that it’s Saturday again and I’m writing another blog. These weeks are all going by so fast, and my time here has been such a blur of activity.

On the work front, I’ve been continuing several of the ongoing projects I’ve mentioned before – managing e-mail accounts, helping develop the Free2Challenge program, writing articles for the website (working on number 3 right now, so get excited!), and assisting Jono and Jamee with assorted administrative things. I’ve also been getting more involved with the Not For Sale store. Luz and I finally, completely finished the garage – which looks lovely, might I add.

We also had to go through and count everything, because – drumroll please – the new Not For Sale Store website was launched this week! For any of you who have been to the old store website and seen previous products, this new system should be much easier to use. Also, we now have our new products listed online, many of which were previously only available in the physical store here in HMB. These include the “This Shirt Frees Slaves” t-shirts made in Not For Sale’s Cambodia factory and athletic wear from Not For Sale’s El Salvador factory. These factories are social enterprises started by Not For Sale that hire survivors of human trafficking, and give them stable, sustainable employment so that they don’t fall back into situations of vulnerability and get caught up, once again, in the same cycle of exploitation.

It’s initiatives like these that really inspire me. Not For Sale is striving to effect a cultural change – we want to create a “Zero Tolerance” culture where it’s not ok for this kind of exploitation to happen. What I love about Not For Sale’s work is that they recognize that it’s not enough just to pass laws and arrest the bad guys. Don’t get me wrong, those are both extremely vital steps in fighting this crime. But those are just the first steps – we have to follow through and create futures for these survivors. That means rethinking how we do things, identifying the weaknesses in our systems that allow slavery to be perpetuated, and working to change those systems.

My intention was not to make this blog post into a commercial, but I do recommend that you check out the new site (click here), because it’s a really great enterprise, and because it’s something that everyone can take part in. Also, if you order something, I will be the one packing and mailing your shipment, so when you get your box in the mail, you’ll know it was sent with love from me. ☺

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One response to “Christy Sobolik | Week 7

  1. I am so proud of the new store site. It is going to revolutionize our work around ethically made goods. And I hope it’s so successful that we have to organize a team to help you get those orders out! I can’t wait to see the garage. I may fall on my knees and kiss the ground! Thanks again for your patience. We’ve been throwing a lot of changes your way and you never run away or drop the ball! THANKS!

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