Natalie Wartew | Week 8

This week’s blog is sponsored by….SUNSHINE! On Thursday night I travelled down to Southern California to spend Labor Day weekend with some good friends, and so get to reflect on the week in beautiful Costa Mesa:

The only way to describe this week is – incredibly busy! I had a number of deadlines, started a couple of new projects, and also moved rooms in the Fellow’s House ready for the arrival of a new Fellow who is joining the program next week.

It has been a lesson in time management, and a reminder of the fact that, when there are 24 hours in a day, but 30 hours of tasks, some things are not going to get finished! I am usually pretty good at time management, but I hate that feeling of knowing that no matter how focused you are and how many lists you write, you are still going to come short of finishing all that needs to be done. Frustrating!

So I suppose the lesson is to ‘prioritise’, which can become a pretty throw away term. I have been reconsidering what it means to prioritise – is it more important to complete tasks in the order of their final deadlines, or is it more important to complete tasks in the order that other people are waiting on you to do your part so that they can do theirs? And when does it get to the point that actually you have to prioritise yourself, and things such as sleep and food above any of the tasks to make sure that you can actually function to get anything done? The tricky part is finding that it is a combination of all these things, and that the practical action of balancing those factors out is even harder than just thinking about it!

All that to say…I am really grateful to have managed to get my work balanced enough to be able to come away, and to now prioritize some good time relaxing and catching up with old friends. Unfortunately, I got sick in the learning of this lesson and so our first activity this morning was to stop by CVS (where I got ID’d for buying cold mediation – this is a new concept!).

In other news – I also had a near death experience yesterday amidst the rest of the craziness, when a car drove through the wall of a multi-storey car park we were standing underneath – very random!!


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