Mandolyn Orrell | Week 8

Wow. We are full swing into the busy season here at Not For Sale, and it’s evident. I mean, there are only 6 weeks until the Global Forum, people!! Everyone is working so hard, and it’s pretty quiet around the office while people are super focused on their work. We cut loose a little on Friday night when we got to celebrate the new communications intern, Aoife’s, arrival.

Speaking of arrivals… the newest addition to the Not For Sale Fellows arrived Sunday. Hank drove across country this week, and is getting ready to start the fellowship on Tuesday. Showed him the booming metropolis of Half Moon Bay today (Labor Day), and showed him the office. Seems like a pretty good guy, with some great talents to bring to the table in the fight against slavery. His media skills apparently are rockin. I’m excited to see what new media pieces he comes up with.

Everything else is pretty much going on the same. I’m working a lot with the CAN directors, helping with a media project, and a donor project. Staying incredibly busy. Trying to find balance, like when throwing a pot on the potter’s wheel (see week 7 post). I feel like have been “off-center” lately, focusing on the wrong thing. Quickly, I’ve been realigned and refocused.


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