Hank Voge | Week 1

Hi everyone. My name is Hank Voge, and I am a new fellow at Not For Sale. I am a guy, which makes me unique in the fellowship house. When I tell people that I am living with three girls, they either tell me that I am a lucky dog—or, if they know me, they grit their teeth and say, “Are you going to be okay?” Meeting the other fellows has silenced any worries that I had. They are all friendly and easygoing. I think we will get along great.
I am a filmmaker and a writer, so I came to Not For Sale thinking that I would help out exclusively with the company’s communication and media. But I soon found out that Not For Sale might ask me to do anything. During the fellows’ Wednesday meeting, for example, I mentioned that I made a basic HTML website in fifth grade, and a mischievous grin came over Keturah’s face. “You’ll soon learn to be more careful with what you tell me,” she said, and she cackled like the villain bunny in Peter Cottontail. (Did anyone else watch that movie when they were a kid?) Maybe Keturah’s reaction was less sinister, but still, someone asked me to work on the Free2Challenge webpages. Christy had big plans for the site, and I executed them as well as I could. I enjoyed trying to remember HTML. The last time I used it, AOL was my only access to the internet, and Bill Clinton was the U.S. president.
I am thrilled to have real responsibility at Not For Sale. I have worked as a coffee-grabbing intern before, and I will never repeat the experience. Keturah told me that the fellows have important work and that the staff respects them, but I was not sure how much I believed her. During my first day in the office, Allison called me over to her and Aoife.
“Hey Hank,” she said. “Do you mind getting lunch?”
There you go, I thought. They make the fellows grab lunch for the staff. “No, that’s fine,” I said and held out my hand for the company credit card. I had been through this routine before at my last internship.
Allison looked at my hand. “Is this not a good time for you?”
“No it’s fine,” I said. “What else do I have going on?”
“Great,” she said, and she and Aoife stood up. Only then did I realize that we were all getting lunch together.
My first week at Not For Sale was full of similar moments of pleasant surprise. So far, I like working here, and I look forward to the months ahead.


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