Christy Sobilik | Week 9

I feel like every week I tell you that my week has been crazy busy, but it’s always true.  This week was no exception.  We’re already in double-digit dates in September – time is getting away from me so fast.


Hank arrived this week, and I feel like he got the full Not For Sale treatment.  That is, “Oh, you’ve done this once in your life?  Cool, you’re  totally qualified to do it again, on a much larger scale – go do it.”  I think we all got that at the beginning.  I know I felt like I was entrusted with much more authority than I felt I was qualified to have, what with writing articles for the front page of the website and being the voice of the Student Abolitionist Movement, via e-mail, to so many students.  And I feel like Hank got a full dose of that.


I’ve mentioned to you a bit that I’m working on a program called Free2Challenge.  Part of the work I was doing involved some changes to the website, but, having absolutely no knowledge of making websites myself, I had to wait until someone with website design know-how was free to help me.  However, once Hank mentioned that he had made a website once, many years ago, he was assigned to the task.  And let me tell you, he was awesome.  He was so patient with the vague doodles I had made to indicate how I wanted the website to look, and with the vague directions I gave him, like “Can you make that look more title-y?”  And if I wanted something he wasn’t sure how to do, he would look it up and figure it out.  I’m so happy with how it turned out, and that the changes are finally up.


So thanks, Hank, and welcome to Not For Sale!


So what is Free2Challenge, you might ask?  It’s a fundraising competition where students groups host events to raise money to support Not For Sale’s international projects.  This fall, all the funds raised are going towards the Romania project (read more about that here:  It’s called Free2Challenge, because, firstly, we’re hoping to get a little friendly competition going between the participating groups.  But ultimately, it’s also about challenging young people to use their skills and their passions to take on an integral role in leading and mobilizing their communities to help provide vital services to survivors of human trafficking around the world.


So anyway, check out the Free2Challenge page at, and take at the changes to the site.  We’re gearing up for this fall’s Free2Challenge campaign, so if you know of any students who might like to participate, share the website with them.  We’d love to have them on board!


Until next week,






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