Diana Cannon | Week 9

This week went by so quickly.  Hank has joined our team (welcome, Hank!), so that was exciting, but otherwise I’d say that this was a pretty standard week.  I was in a little bit of a funk last week because I was sad that Luz’s time with Not For Sale was over, but a couple calls from my college roommate got me back on track.  She’s wonderful and I miss her (I seem to be missing a lot of people lately), and it was so good to just hear her voice and hear about her life and tell her about mine.  Those two simple phone calls were enough to get me back on track.

There’s an important lesson there.

I really believe in the work that we do here at Not For Sale, and I honestly think that fighting human trafficking is one of the most important things that we can do for people and for society today.  But, in order to really do that effectively, it’s so vital that we stay invested in our work and don’t zone out of it.  And yet, absolutely everyone gets overwhelmed, and absolutely everyone has personal things that distract them from what they’re doing sometimes.  Recently, I guess it’s been my time to struggle with that.  But, again, all it took to snap me out of it was a couple phone calls, and suddenly I was cheerful, engaged, and feeling valuable again.  So I hereby urge everyone reading this to take a few minutes to call someone that you love and encourage them, especially if they’re doing work that can be emotionally heavy.  And if you’re the one doing the emotionally heavy work or you’re in a funk for some other reason, then don’t wait for someone to snap you out of it the way that I did.

Be proactive!

In a fight like this, we need to take care of ourselves, or we won’t be effective soldiers.  I could have called my roommate days before she called me, and then maybe I would have had a lot more happy days recently.  It’s not weakness to ask for help when you need it, especially when all you need is a good conversation with someone that you miss a lot.  Part of the reason that we’re trying to change society through the work that we do is so that people will be treated with love and dignity instead of exploited.  That can (and should) start with us.


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