Christy Sobolik | Week 10

You guys,  I keep forgetting to tell you.  Remember that beautiful September weather people keeping telling me about?  It’s finally here!  There have still been a couple of foggy days here and there, but the sun has been out probably a good 65% of the time for the last couple of weeks.  And it’s beautiful.  Whenever I drive down Highway 1 on my way to the grocery store or the post office or whatever, it’s so hard not to go off to the beach and sit staring out at the waves.  The shimmering blue of the sea beckons to me.

One of my favorite leisure activities has become searching the beach for “sea junk.”  It seems that I’m not capable of going to the beach without coming back with something for the collection covering my windowsill.  I feel like Ariel, only in reverse: “I have driftwood and seashells a plenty.  I have pebbles, sand dollars galore.”

Ok, enough about the pretty ocean.  Last Monday was our September staff summit, and Dave gave his monthly “State of the Movement” address.  It’s always great hearing Dave speak is always great because it helps remind me of what we are doing and why I’m here.  It’s so easy to get disconnected from the greater purpose of what we’re all doing  while I’m focusing on the day to day work of sending e-mails and mailing store shipments.  I have been spending a lot of time recently working on recruiting students to come to the Global Forum.  While the Global Forum is going to be a great event, and I really do think it’s important for students to take part in that conversation,  it’s can be easy to substitute smaller goals—like filling attendance quotas—for the larger goal of ending human trafficking.

Dave’s speech Monday was a reminder that all we do at Not For Sale and in the greater abolitionist movement must be in service of the larger goal of ending human trafficking.  We must have the discipline and the self-awareness to evaluate our own work honestly and pragmatically to discern if it is serving that goal.  And if we determine that one of our projects is not, in fact, helping us end human trafficking, we must have the humility to change our plans and reassess our direction, so that it can be of service.

That’s all for now.  Over and out.


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