Hank Voge | Week 3

I just found out that this blog pops up on Google when you type in my name. For the rest of my life, my acquaintances can access this page (or an archived version of it) to learn about me.  Yikes.


Well, I’d better guard what I say more closely.  Let me give you my goals for this week.  I want to read the TIP report and other studies on slavery to acquaint myself with all the data and statistics I can find.  I have read Half the Sky and Not For Sale, but it is time that I read more sources.  I cannot rely on three journalists for all of my information. Besides, I am disturbed by differing reports of the statistics.  The U.S. Department of State says that there are 12.3 million slaves in the world.  Other researches estimate the number at 27 million.  Somehow, Not For Sale lands the number at 30 million.


Now, I have heard that Not For Sale has good reason for this number (apparently it comes from a book… remember those?).  For one thing, the slave trade is growing, so it should not surprise us if the number of slaves increases.  For another thing, a researcher may land at a different number if he has a different definition for slavery.  And regardless of your definition, it’s difficult to pin a number on a movement that operates in secret.


Still, I want to do the research for myself.  I think I need to begin with the TIP report, the National Geographic article that seems to have informed a lot of other news source stats, and this book that Not For Sale relies on.  I will get back to you next week with the fruit of my research.


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