Christy Sobilik | Week 13

Dear friends,, I believe I have made a scientific discover of momentous proportions. I have undeniable evidence that there is an actual time vortex located in Sunnyvale, CA. This vortex actually consumes time. To those caught in the wake of this vortex, time seems to fly by, and they are left feeling confused, wondering how time has passed so quickly. This sensation is the result of their time actually being consumed by this vortex. The exact nature of this vortex is unknown, but researchers that have been assigned to the vortex are expected to make an announcement concerning their results in about two weeks time.

Ok, I’m being silly, but seriously though—the Global Forum is approaching with a vengeance. If we aren’t having an office-wide planning meeting to discuss how the event’s going to go down, then everyone is working individually on ironing out details. The media team has spent hours and hours putting together videos for the event. The communications team has been working overtime getting some fantastic speakers confirmed (did I tell you that Academy Award-winning actress Mira Sorvino will be giving a keynote?).

I’ve been driving all around the Bay Area to promote the event to student groups. That’s mostly entailed hanging posters, but I also got to speak with the Not For Sale club at UC Berkeley last week, and this week I’ll get to speak with the Freedom Project club at Santa Clara University. I’m not big on public speaking, but I really enjoyed getting to talk to the students at UC Berkeley, and I’m loking forward to talking to the SCU students. I spend so much time at my laptop, talking to students via e-mail, so it was really refreshing to get out of my cyber bubble and see them in action. It’s so great seeing really passionate young people, working to mobilize their communities for justice, and asking intelligent questions about what they can do that really helps. It really gives me hope that we can win this fight, to see the next generation of the movement so involved.

Listen to me, speaking like I’m a seasoned veteran of the abolitionist movement. I was a student, working on my campus, a mere five months ago. It’s been weird for me to build a new identity for myself that does not include “student.” That’s been so much a part of who I am for so long, and now that I’m out of school, I’m having to restructure how I think about myself. At the same time, though, college does, in some ways, feel like ages ago, and stepping back into an undergraduate club meeting was a bit surreal.

On the subject of undergraduate clubs, I just have to brag for a moment. I got an e-mail this week from the new president of the TU Student Abolitionists, updating me on what they’re doing this year, and I just have to say, they’re awesome. They are really taking the organization’s work on TU’s campus to the next level. They’re working with other organizations to purchase club t-shirts that are ethically produced and lobbying for more Fair Trade food options on campus.

I remember, when I first started up Student Abolitionists, I had to do a lot of awareness events, because not a lot of people know about human trafficking. But once I’d raised awareness and started conversations, I wanted to do something that really would have an impact on the abolitionist movement. And I think what the organization is doing now is exactly that. Imagine how much good could come from a university community committing to sell ethically-produced apparel and food. By using their voices and lobbying power to bring about this sort of change, the students at my university are working to actually bring about this kind of change.

Like I said, they’re awesome.



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