Mandolyn Orrell | Week 13

Week 13


You know those times where you can’t remember what you did, but you know you were working like crazy?  Yeah, that’s been this week for me.  I am near positive that I know what a hamster on an exercise wheel feels like- running and running and running but not getting far.  But, looking at it, I actually have accomplished quite a bit this week.  Things won’t slow down until after the Global Forum, though.  I’m not going to lie, what’s helping me not go absolutely mad during these next 2 weeks will be the fact that I get to see 2 amazing people from Korea at the Global Forum.  I can’t tell you how much seeing a familiar face can help a person keep pressing on.


On slightly random note, this week has also reminded me how much I love technology.  I am so grateful for my dear friend, Penelope.  She has become my go-to person about all things stressful.  We talk on the phone often, chat on Facebook, and she sends me a “daily dose of funny” to keep me smiling.  It’s really crazy how connected/ in sync we are with so many aspects of our life, or paths we are on at the same time.  I have been privileged to walk along side her in a few stressful situations in her life, and watch her deal with everything with impeccable grace and faith.  She, on the other hand, has been unfortunate to see me struggle through a few stressful situations in my life, and… freak out.  She’s great at re-centering me, pouring out wisdom, and helping me see the issues from different perspectives while validating my thoughts… often times encapsulating them for me when I don’t know how to put my thoughts/emotions into words.  She’s been a rock for me during this whole fellowship, I have no idea how I would survive without her… and she lives in Seoul, Korea.  Technology is amazing.  For anyone reading this, who is hoping or planning to be a fellow at Not For Sale, you WILL need a go-to person that is outside of NFS.  Not that anything here is bad; you will need someone outside of NFS simply for the reason to remind yourself that there is life outside of NFS.


Speaking of life outside of NFS… I got out of Half Moon Bay for a full 24 hours!  Jono had a (fabulous) housewarming party, and I caught a ride up to the city for it with some other staff.  I got to stay with Haley, another staff member, at her place afterwards.  The party was a lot of fun!  It was great to cut loose a bit, hang out with some of the staff outside if the workplace, and also meet some new people unrelated to NFS.  Haley and I adventured in the city as well, finding a great burger place, walking around for an hour looking for where we parked the car… in cowboy boots… up hills…. both ways… in the snow… wait, what?  Anyway, we had a great time, and then went to RealitySF (church), and grabbed some pho with some people Haley knew from church.  It was such a blessing to get out of my normal routine, be social, and get to know Haley a bit better.


Well… while I was having a great time, my to-do list wasn’t shrinking on its own, so I’m off to knock out some of that!


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