Christy Sobolik | Week 14

You guys, as of Sunday, when I am writing this, there are 5 DAYS left until the Global Forum.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with myself when it’s over.  What will every conversation lead to?


Dave and Mark gave us a pre-Global Forum pep talk on Friday. They wanted to remind us, in the midst of all the stress and busy-ness, why we’re doing what we’re doing.  Dave gave us an update on Kru Nam’s work in Thailand, and Mark brought in artifacts from each of our international projects as tangible reminders of our goal.  I think their words were much needed.  The Global Forum isn’t really about attracting lots of people and generating lots of enthusiasm.  It’s about how that enthusiasm, and how the conversations started and the relationships formed, will help Kru Nam’s kids in Thailand, or the women in Romania, or the kid’s at Veronica’s House in Peru.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned the Montara Circle on this blog.  The Montara Circle is a two-day event that brings together business leaders to brainstorm a solution to a specific human trafficking problem in a specific region.  The first Montara Circle was held last February, and it focused on the Madre de Dios Region in Peru.  The participants of the event devised and launched a social enterprise called Headwaters Natural Products, which will develop and produce products that will provide a sustainable income to seven different communities in this region (check out this video for more information on Headwaters:  And in September, the second Montara Circle was held in Amsterdam.  I can’t tell you what came out of that event yet, as it’s still in development stages, but suffice it to say that some more really exciting new enterprises will be launched to provide sustainable futures for vulnerable communities in Amsterdam.


Next weekend is going to be insane.  I’m not really sure how much I will get to partake in the event itself, as I will be running around behind the scenes, making sure things are running smoothly.  But I’m so excited to see what will come out of this event.    The Global Forum and the Montara Circle are different events with different purposes, so I’m not saying that next weekend will produce the next Headwaters.  But the results of past Global Forums and Montara Circles attest to the power of uniting leaders from different sectors of society, getting them to dialogue, and asking intelligent questions.  I can’t wait to see the results, both short- and long-term, of those conversations.


That’s all for now.  See you on the other side!




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