Diana Cannon | Week 14

Hello again!  Another week has gone by.  This was actually a really great week.  I worked hard (all week, all weekend, and even on Columbus Day, which is technically a holiday), but I didn’t burn out because in the evenings I played hard, too.  I’ll give you a little blurb on both!
This week was the week before the week before Global Forum, so the energy in the office is palpable.  Everyone is working extremely hard to make the event amazing.  And I think it will be.  Since I’m primarily with the Free2Work team, my main contribution to Global Forum is the work that I’m doing on the app we’ll be releasing then.  All that corporate mapping stuff that I told you about last week?  I’ve been living and breathing it.  On top of that, we got a new intern this week (her name is Emily and she’s great), so Haley and I have been training her on corporate mapping, too, and then Haley’s been training both of us on actually grading companies.  The former was really gratifying, because I realized the incredible amount of knowledge I’ve gained since I first got to Not For Sale.  I’ve been working diligently without realizing how much I was internalizing until I had to start explaining it to someone who was seeing it for the first time.  But, my goodness, I’ve learned a lot.  Every time Emily had a question, I knew the answer to it!  So that was pretty cool.  The latter (grading companies), was interesting as well.  If you have time, go to free2work.org and check out a scorecard or two.  There are so many areas in which rights and protections are important for workers, and so many companies that just don’t provide those.  I feel like I’m really understanding supply chains and how they work now.  It’s fascinating.  And also sad.
Which is why I’ve taken so much time to have fun this week!  It’s always important to have a balance.  So I won’t go too in depth about my fun times, because that’s not really what this blog is about, but I’ll give you an overview so you get a sense of how packed and awesome my week was: Monday was a pumpkin-carving party with the fellows that turned into an enthusiastic Disney/musicals sing-along, Tuesday I got dressed up to see Phantom of the Opera with Christy, and was so moved that I cried (in a good way), Wednesday I had some chill time with Dr. Who (love!), Thursday I went out for drinks and gelato to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and on Friday… well, ok, Friday began the weekend that I spent working hard to finish everything we need done before Monday.  But that was fun in its own way, too.  See the above paragraph.  On top of all of that, pretty much everyone that I know had a birthday this week, so as a closing I would just like to say happy birthday to Christy (my cousin), John (my other cousin), Steven (my other cousin), Joe (my brother), Danielle (my sister-in-law), Jessica (my friend), and Robert (my grandfather).  I’m almost positive that none of them are ever going to read this, but I appreciate them all anyway.  Have a good week, everyone!  And GO TO GLOBAL FORUM!

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