Mandolyn Orrell | Week 14


Super quick overview of the week…. we carved pumpkins and played catchphrase at the Fellows house, I’ve done a ton of graphics for the Global Forum, and another top secret project to be premiered at the Global Forum, have had loads of meetings about the Global Forum, a few phone calls/skype chats/fb chats about the Global Forum, and all conversations lead the Global Forum… isn’t that right, Jill?  ;)  Oh, and I went to the Pumpkin Festival with Laura B., Brad, and Jamee… and talked about the Global Forum….


Do you see a reoccurring theme?


The Global Forum is THIS weekend!  There are still so many things to do, and everyone is working so so so very hard.  It will be a great time of networking, and a great way to get many different sectors of society engaged in creating real solutions to combat slavery.  I hope to connect with several people, and hear a lot, between all the running around I’m sure I’ll be doing.  I am really looking forward to meeting the CAN directors that I I have been working so closely with!  It’s going to be exhausting, but a good time, I think.  There are quite a few really exciting things that will be premiering at the Global Forum, as well.  It will be really great to see some pretty significant projects all the way through from, from thought to tangible…. well, I’m not going to give away anything.  You’ll just have to come to find out!


Well, I’m back off to make some more graphics for…. the Global Forum!


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