Natalie Wartew | Week 14

This weekend has marked the 41st Annual Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay – I kid you not.  For 41 years, thousands of people have annually flocked to the bay to celebrate the beauty of the pumpkin.  I remember Jill (Managing Director) explaining this to us in the first few days of arriving at Not For Sale, and I didn’t quite appreciate how besotted people would truly become with pumpkins.  There is a ‘pumpkin patch’ on every corner, every assortment of pumpkin related product, and people… dressed as pumpkins.  It’s a big deal.  The gravity of the event hit me in staff meeting on Friday as people started helpfully sharing tips on how to avoid ‘pumpkin traffic’ and suggesting we stock up on food from the supermarket as we wouldn’t be able to leave the house by vehicle.  I was beginning to dread ‘pumpkin Armageddon’.  Of course this whole event coincided with one of the few days where it was imperative for Christy and I to travel over the hill to support a local high school anti-human trafficking event.  It was a very early start and a late return – at one point the pressure got too much and I turned into a pumpkin:


Other than that, the focus this week has been the countdown to Global Forum (which this time next week will be completely over – weird!).  I spent many hours filming footage with Hank for a video that will be shown at the event.  Jill was amused that the best place to do this was the bathroom – what can I say – there are no windows in there – it worked really well!

As I mentioned, today we were representing NFS at a local student-run event.  Both Christy and I were truly impressed with the level of organisation that these ‘kids’ had achieved.  The event ran so smoothly and was a great success.  It reminded me of the value of each person involved in this movement.  We can be quick to assume that young people have less to offer because they are less experienced, or don’t have access to as many resources etc.  But today, that committed group of students really did mobilise their local community to action on this issue – not just awareness.  They were a great example to me.



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