Diana Cannon | Week

It’s been amazing to see everything come together in the last couple of days. It’s also been absolutely insane. For the two weeks before Global Forum I was working hard to finish what needed to be done in order for the app to launch at the event (which it did, and I’m so proud), and so I was really intense and focused on that. I basically had tunnel vision. Once I got my work done and knew that I had done it well, I could actually step back from it for a bit. I went to an ATEST meeting with Jill, which was essentially a brain trust formed by a lot of major NGOs that are dedicated to fighting human trafficking. It was a great opportunity for me to be there, and it was so thrilling to hear about what all the other organizations were doing. But my favorite part by far was when the Free2Work team came in to present the app to everyone. They got an hour to talk about it and explain the features and all of the particulars, and the more I listened the more I was totally blown away. I’ve been working on it in some way ever since I started at Not For Sale. I had written factoids on different industries, I had mapped the corporate governance of companies, I had found articles about manifestations of human trafficking that would be applicable to what the app is trying to accomplish… but I had never really seen it all put together before. I’ve gotta tell you, guys. It’s brilliant. Even I was intimidated by the brilliance. And I felt so proud to be a part of making that happen.

So after pulling out of my tunnel vision that far, I went to Global Forum and actually took in what the organization as a whole is doing. All of the quick summaries given to me by other staff members about what they’re working on, all the platforms and programs that I wasn’t a huge part of but knew existed, everything that Not For Sale is doing in Half Moon Bay, in America, and in the world was laid out before me. And you know what? It was freaking impressive. And exciting. Overseas projects, Rebbl Tea, the Al Jazeera documentary, the Allsaints fashion line, our faith communities, student movements, the Duchess of York and an academy award winning actress and the pitcher for the Giants all thinking we’re important enough to support, lives changing, people caring… I’m still reeling from it a little bit. More than I have before, I have a sense for the scope and innovation of our little organization’s huge contribution to this movement and this issue at large. Then, it was even more exciting to re-cap with the rest of staff this morning as we sipped champagne (Yes, we drink in the morning here. We deserve it after this weekend!) and talked about our favorite parts of the event and affirmed each other for the work that we’ve done and the new levels we’ve reached. I’m proud to be here. I’m proud to be a part of this. I hope that everyone who’s reading this that is remotely involved with NFS will be proud, too.


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