Hank Voge

Academy week for me.  The other fellows attended the academy back in July, but I came late, so I’m attending the course now.  It’s been fun meeting abolitionists from around the world.  They throw light on my own apathy.  These people fly from around the world and give up five vacation days to learn about modern-day slavery.  And right now, as I type, they are sharing how they hope to use their new education to fight slavery back home.


I was down in Los Angeles for the USA AllSaints launch.  I knew the area, but now I passed by the familiar strip clubs with new eyes.  I told this story to a classmate at the academy, and the person said, “What did you do about it?”  She was not challenging me.  She thought that, as a Not For Sale fellow, I would have begun researching these facilities to create a smart tip for authorities.  “Uh, I didn’t do anything,” I said.  The conversation grew uncomfortable from there.


On Thursday, Not For Sale employees presented about their platforms, and I thought it was cool to see Not For Sale from an outsider’s view.  My classmates asked challenging questions about our approaches.  They did not quite understand Not For Sale’s social enterprise.  And they did not fully trust the organization with the money it raises.  I thought the Not For Sale staff did a good job answering questions.  They had clearly responded to these issues before.


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