Christy Sobolik | Looking Forward


So this week,  Keturah asked us to write a blog looking forward, and to talk a bit about what our next steps are.  To be perfectly honest, my next steps are still extremely up in the air.  I have no definite idea of what my plans are after December.  But I can talk a little bit about what I’m  thinking.


I know that I want to continue working in the abolitionist movement.  I have been pretty sure about that for a while, but now more than ever I feel that I want to be a part of this movement and I have to see it through to the end.  If that doesn’t work out (if I can’t find a job working in the abolitionist movement) I am open to the idea of a vocation in another sort of social justice venture—fighting poverty, disaster assistance, etc.  After all, if I have learned anything  doing anti-human trafficking activism, it’s that those who are most often exploited are those who are socially or economically vulnerable.  So by working to combat causes of social and economic vulnerability, I will also be working to combat human trafficking.  That said, though, my heart feels most called to work directly in the abolitionist movement, and that is the goal I will be working towards as I take the next steps in my career.


What is less clear to me are what those next steps will be for the short term.   My problem is, and always has been, that I don’t feel like I have any concrete, marketable skills—the eternal curse of the English major I suppose.  I think, though, that I will fit best into the abolitionist movement in a behind-the-scenes, communications sort of capacity.  So I think that immediate next steps for me will include going back to school to refine my communication skills, in both English and Spanish.  I will probably pursue a masters degree in translation studies, hopefully beginning next fall (provided I can get essays written and applications submitted in time).


So that’s an idea of what I’m thinking.  Getting there means lots of applications and thinking and planning, which I haven’t had much time for up ‘til now.  But now is the time to start focusing on all that again.


Over and out,




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