Hank Voge | Looking Forward

This week’s blog post is about looking ahead.  What am I going to do when I leave the fellowship, and how will I use what I have learned at Not For Sale?  What a difficult question.

I plan to take the LSAT and GMAT in December, and maybe I will head off to law school and business school next year.  The people who have most impressed me in the abolitionist movement have graduate degrees.  They seem powerful and effective in ways that other people don’t.  I would like to be as empowered to pursue… whatever it is I end up pursuing.

For the past year and a half, I have been floating around short-term internships and jobs.  I like people to think that I am a victim of the bad economy.  (Oh shucks, I just can’t find a real job.)  But the truth is, I don’t know what to do.  I joined Not For Sale’s fellowship with the hope that it might give me some direction.  The organization is changing the world, and I thought, “Maybe some of that drive will rub off on me.”

To some extent, this ludicrous plan worked.  Last year, all my thoughts about the future were blank.  Now they are blurry.  Not For Sale has taught me to be a better filmmaker and to be a better office worker.  I understand better how to interact with co-workers, and I am learning the importance of running after what I want rather than waiting for opportunities to come to me.  Plus—and most important—I have learned about the inner-workings of non-profits and the modern abolitionist movement.  All of this education exposes me to new ideas and refines what I want to be.


And what exactly is that?  I’ll tell you when I know.


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