Diana Cannon | Week 21

I can’t believe this is my second to last blog.  It feels like I just started my fellowship with Not For Sale about a month ago.  Time moves so quickly.  It was my very last time working in the store this last Friday, and I was thinking about all the hours I’ve spent there answering questions about Not For Sale and human trafficking and selling things made in every corner of the world.  I also thought about the times that I had in there that consisted of giving someone directions to The Brewing Company (admittedly, it is a bit tricky to find) or some other completely random occurrence.  I decided to share a couple of gems with you for this blog, mostly because I’m not ready to write my super serious what-I’ve-learned-and-what-I-want-to-pass-on-to-you-as-I-say-goodbye blog.  So, for the sake of humor, here are my top three moments random moments working in the store.

3.  A lot of people walk in the store when it’s closed because we leave the door unlocked when there are people in the office.  I don’t know why they even try to open it, because we always leave the lights off, and there is a “CLOSED” sign right there in the door, but it just keeps happening.  So one day a woman wandered in and started looking around and I was summoned forth to deal with it.  I would have kicked her out, but she started putting things on the counter to buy, so I figured I’d just let her.  After long time (she browsed a lot), she had a small pile of things collected and came to the counter.  But then she looked at me and said, “Oh, I don’t have any money.”  I was like, “ok…” and she said, “I guess I could get some from my car.”  Then she left and I was stuck there waiting for her to come back.  She never did.  I waited for like a half an hour waiting for her before I finally just decided to open the store.  The reason this is funny to me is that she never checked her purse.  She must have known she didn’t have money the entire time!  If I ever see her again, I vow to narrow my eyes in her general direction.
2.  This one’s just ridiculous.  One time, a woman walked about a foot into our store and was looking around, and then I guess she must have seen something in the store that said “slavery”, because she immediately gasped and said, “Slavery!?  Oh, we don’t support that.”  Then she quickly rushed out of the store.  I kid you not, she even shielded her son’s eyes as she did so.  I was like “Right, neither do we… that’s kinda the point…”  but she was already too far gone to hear me.  This one is hilarious to me mostly because I’m really confused as to how she thought we were supporting slavery.  Did she think anyone would ever set up a store in a mall openly advertising that their products contributed to the bondage of other humans?  Because I don’t think that’s a thing.
1.  This is a short one, but I still chuckle when I think about it.  When I open and close the store there are a couple of signs on poles that I set up and take down.  One goes in front of the door and one goes down the walkway a little bit.  So one day I was carrying my sign down the walkway, and I walked by someone with the part of the sign that said “Not For Sale” hidden from view so she could see that I had a sign but not what was on it.  She looked at me and said, “Another one.  I am so sick of this occupy movement.”  I actually laughed, because why would anyone “occupy” the Half Moon Bay mall?  It is not a hopping place.  And even if someone did think that it was worth it, why would I be occupying by myself?  Just one person with a sign walking around the mall does not an occupy movement make.  Silly woman.
Anyway, those are a few fun stories I felt like sharing.  Next week I’ll get into the more serious aspects of the time I’ve spent here, but for now I hope you enjoyed those.

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