Natalie Wartew | Final Blog Post

Week 21:

I remember wondering back in week 1 how on earth I was going to be able to write 21 blogs, so it feels like quite an achievement to be writing number 21!  That is an example of how this week has been – remembering the beginning, looking at the now, and then measuring the difference.  We spent a lot of time reflecting on how we have each developed personally, and also how we have developed the movement during our time with Not For Sale by the work that we have done.


We also had a great time this week celebrating the end of the Fellowship – a whole group of us went bowling.  Naturally, things are pretty serious at work, and there rarely seem to be enough hours in the day, so it was so good to see everybody being able to take some time out to have fun!

As Fellows, we have worked on a number of different platforms in a number of different roles, and now it is time to change roles again.  We will no longer be in the office every day, or working in the store, or out at NFS events, but we will all keep the title ‘abolitionist’.  ‘Abolitionist’ goes beyond a job description – it is a way of thinking, a way of living, a commitment to fighting injustice.  And if you have been reading these blogs, then you are fuelling the movement with your interest – you are a modern-day abolitionist – welcome to the movement ;)


So that brings me to the end of the Not For Sale Fellowship program.    Thank you Keturah Scott our Fellowship Director, the Not For Sale Team, and to everyone who has supported my fellowship.  Together we are ending slavery in our lifetime.


Natalie x


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