Hope.  It’s defined as a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Everyone has dreams, both big and small. Some of these are easy to reach, others… may be pipedreams. During the past two weeks, I’ve learned that everyone at Not For Sale aims for pipedreams. They dream big. And that, is how NFS has grown exponentially within the past four years. The first month of 2012 isn’t even over.  Yet, the NFS team has accomplished so much. Thanks to students from Passion 2012, a crisis center was built in South Africa to provide emergency care for survivors. What did those 42,000+ students have in common? Hope. Their zeal to fight slavery led them to give so generously to the movement. They had hope in Not For Sale as an organization to help survivors of human trafficking by giving them jobs—and, hope for a better future. I’m excited to see what other ‘wins’ for the movement will come about—all motivated by hope.

It’s one thing to hope and actively make things happen. It’s another to hope, but sit around and wait—sitting, waiting, dreaming (a great song by Jack Johnson!). I’m inspired by the action that NFS takes. There is a passion that fuels each staff member along with a drive to be innovative. They all hope for the same thing. To end modern-day slavery and human trafficking in their lifetime. To re-abolish slavery. It’s not a fantasy for them. It’s a genuine ambition. The difference between NFS and others is their effort. What most people read about in the news is the outcome of a situation, the finale, the result. What they don’t really hear about is the labor that went behind it. Our fellowship director is the queen of multi tasking. I don’t think that I’ve met another person who wears so many hats. During our first meeting, she repeated a couple phrases that were constantly echoed by every staff member. “Think outside of the box!” “Just do it!” “Ruthless execution!” Their encouragement is contagious. Here at NFS, it’s okay to fall. It’s okay to fail. Have an idea? Try it. If it doesn’t work, tweak it. They’re constantly on the move with new ideas and learning from mistakes— they don’t hold it against you!

One psychologist said that, “hope literally opens us up… and removes the blinders of fear and despair and allows us to see the big picture, thus allowing us to become creative and have belief in a better future.”

Modern-day slavery is the world’s despair [which is actually the antonym of hope and defined as hopelessness and misery]. Let’s open those blinders of despair through hope and believe that one day it will vanish.


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