Anna Phou | Week 3: Character.


I think that all seven of us can agree that we had no idea what to expect when we agreed to do the Not For Sale Fellowship in Half Moon Bay, California.  We all are originally from different places: Washington, Oregon, Virginia, Minnesota, New Jersey, and even Canada.  We all have studied at different universities and we all have worked or served outside of the United States.  And yet, six of us agreed to live together in a 3-bedroom house and remember that we are all strangers.  We are all VERY different.  I have only spent three weeks with them and I am still learning everyday about them and since you may not get the chance to get to know us all individually, here is a crash course on everyone’s character …

Holly.  She is the oldest.  Holly is very organized and on top of everything. I think that if she didn’t create Google Events for everything than we would never know what’s going on.  She is definitely the planner.  And definitely a DIY-er.  She also is sassy.  Holly could not be more perfect to work with Laura, Not For Sale Senior Director of Operations.  Holly works with Not For Sale Partners, admin, and plays a big role in running our Not For Sale Store.

Katie.  A Canadian, but a Mexican on the inside.  Katie is originally from Canada but has spent quite some time in Mexico working as an art teacher in a home for disabled children.  She is always talking about her kids and is often ‘Mexico sick’.  Her heart is so big.  She is always laughing.  I think that she finds everything amusing.  I think Katie definitely works hard and is very determined. She gets the opportunity to work on the CAN- Community Abolitionist Network, Free2Work, and plays a major role in our SAM- Student Abolitionist Movement.

Sam.  I think Sam is the most laid-back out of all of us.  She’s super nice, although she can be very assertive and gets done what needs to get done.  I think Sam loves sports just as much as I do, which I am thankful for.  Hardcore Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox and New Orleans Saints fan.  She also loves books as much as I do.  Other things she loves: tea, music, running and having fun.  She is always up for anything at any time.  She is perfect for working with Ethan on the Not For Sale World Tour.

Adrienne.  Adrienne is the fellow that does not live in the house.  Adrienne is always giggling about everything.  I think she is the most light-hearted out all of us.  She is always willing to take on any project no matter what her workload is like.  And she is also willing to work with whatever the situation.  I guess you can say she is the most flexible.  Adrienne has been to and has done some pretty amazing things in her life, and she is so young- I still cannot wait to hear about it all.  I also think she is one of the most gracious person I have ever met.

Matt.  Matt is the only male in the house and also the only male fellow.  I can’t even imagine what he feels like.  I think I have spent the least amount of time with him.  He also is always hermit-crabbed in his room, probably because he lives in a house of 5 females.  Matt is also always up for a good time but definitely works hard.  I think I can tell that Matt is very focused and that he is doing everything he can to grasp Social Ventures and accomplish everything he can for the Not For Sale Store.  But I think there is still a lot to learn about him over the next six months,

Jerry.  I think Jerry is our glue; she’s the one that holds us together.  Jerry and I have the EXACT same birthday. She is always up for one of my crazy adventures.  She also works very hard.  She always desires to work really hard and do her best for all of her projects and gets frustrated when she doesn’t do her best.  Jerry is the best roommate; I don’t think I give her enough credit for everything she has to put up with (me).  We were perfectly matched up.  I think she is excited to utilize her skills in journalism and public relations.

What kind of character does it take to put an end to modern-day slavery?  I believe it’s a collaboration.  I think that it takes everyone working together.  That is why the Fellowship is a good example; it’s a collaboration of seven strangers coming together, all with different personalities and different skill sets; all with the same passion- to put an end to modern-day slavery.  It takes Holly’s organizational skills, Katie’s determination, Sam’s assertiveness, Matt’s focus, Adrienne’s flexibility, Jerry’s glue and my- whatever I have to offer.  I don’t think that there is one specific character of one person that can end modern-day slavery but a collaboration of everyone, with many different characters.  Together, we will end modern-day slavery in our lifetime.


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