Stories of Hope.

Stories of Hope.

My dear friend Saskia is on staff with Not For Sale in Amsterdam.  Saskia is the European Coordinator.  She works with Toos, the Netherlands Director and work to pull girls out to the windows in the red light district and into alternative work and to restore their well-being.  Saskia and I met over a year ago at my Academy.  She spoke the last day and I don’t exactly remember everything that she said but her presence stuck with me.  We were reunited again for the last Global Forum on Human Trafficking (  And then we spent quite a bit of time over the last few months together in Half Moon Bay while Saskia worked on getting her Dutch passport.  During the few months we spent tons of time together and had many conversations and exchanged numerous stories.  All filled with hope.

Another dear friend of mine, Christina is also on Staff with Not For Sale in Capetown, South Africa.  Christina works with the local law enforcement and helps to investigate and identify human trafficking victims.  Recently, the Not For Sale Victims Assistance Center has been funded and Chrsitina will be working hard to get the facility up and running.  Christina and I actually met at the Global Forum this last year.  During the Global Forum, I had the opportunity to hang out with the International staff and just be there when they needed me.  There was, Toos from NFS Amsterdamn, Maria from NFS Romania, Boreth from NFS Cambodia, Saskia from NFS Europe and Christina from NFS South Africa.  During those few days I spent almost all my time with them and during that time I think I learned that not only were they the International staff, but they were real people.

I think we often live for the results and the data.  And we often live for the stories of hope.  Two completely ends of the spectrums of outcomes.  But we often don’t realize that, this is about lives.  That this is about individuals and their lives, which is a lifetime of stories.  I think that the story of hope is that we are actually doing something about it.  Like my friends Saskia and Christina.  There are many people out there that are trying and working everyday to get individuals out of modern-day slavery.

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