Investing in Futures.

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

 It’s 5:30am on a Thursday morning and I’m wide awake. Although this is not uncommon for my roommate, seeing this hour of day is new to me. But when your dreams shake you out of sleep and you wake up realizing that the organization you work for is making an actual difference in the world, what else can you do but wake up and write about it?

Not For Sale is a nonprofit working day in and day out to fight human trafficking and end modern-day slavery. When I applied for this fellowship, that’s what I knew, and that’s what I wanted to be doing. I apparently had no idea what that actually meant.

There are a lot of catch phrases around here. Your purchase is your advocacy. Charity is dead. We are moving upstream. I understand them all in theory, but I have been waiting on one to really move me. To make me understand what we are actually doing – what I’m doing here. I needed a reason to explain that giving up what I was doing and where I was, was worth it. It may have took six weeks, but I have finally figured out what’s going on here.

We are creating new futures.

A catchphrase I have heard used many times, one that I have actually written articles about and said to donors over the phone, finally resonates with me. We tell our donors that they are investing in new futures for survivors – but how many of them know what that actually means? Donating money to end human trafficking and slavery is an amazing dedication, but do they even know the astounding difference they are making? They are helping us to create new lives and futures for men, woman, and children who are vulnerable to trafficking or who once actually thought they were disposable and lost all dignity. New futures.

Our Social Ventures team is a group of rock stars working to intentionally empower families by “incubating new businesses that create employment in at-risk communities and that model supply chain responsibility from the ground up.” For more information on what they are working on, click here.

Last week I wrote about how Not For Sale South Africa has recently secured a Victims Assistance Center which will give survivors a place to go for immediate help after being rescued. A place that prior to this moment, never existed. In Amsterdam, Not For Sale has just partnered with Soup en Zo, a local company that will work with NFS to empower woman through nutrition, healthcare, and job-training skills. A collaboration aiming to help woman working in the Red Light District, that prior to this moment has never existed. In Romania, Not For Sale operates a farm where survivors maintain three greenhouses, selling produce to local restaurants and catering companies. Just wait until you hear what this farming enterprise has in store. We are creating new futures.

(Saskia, this literally got me out of bed this morning. How awesome is that?)

The potential here really is amazing and I am so thankful to be part of the movement. And I am so thankful that you are out there supporting our Fellowship, supporting Not For Sale, and supporting this movement.


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  1. Yes! Love it!

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