The Mission Statement

Not For Sale was given a hard time for covering so much ground with all of their different platforms. True, it’s a lot to take in. But, look at their mission statement: “Not For Sale creates tools that engage business, government, and grassroots in order to incubate and grow social enterprises to benefit enslaved and vulnerable communities.” How can you engage and involve every single person on this planet in the same exact way? It would be nearly impossible. The organization believes that everyone has something to add to the movement against global slavery. And it’s so true. The importance of having so many platforms finally resonated with me recently. My brother didn’t seem to relate to my sudden interest in joining a non-profit and the fight to end modern-day slavery. In my family’s world, the topic of human rights wasn’t part of our everyday dinner table conversation. So, when the Free2Play app launched, I knew it would grab my brother’s attention. I casually mentioned all of the players that were involved with Not For Sale’s Free2Play campaign. Jeremy Affeldt, Ian Kennedy, Matt Holiday, Jaime Garcia… Finally, there was a spark of interest.  A couple nights later, I saw on Facebook that my little brother had pledged to donate money every time The Nationals, one of his favorite baseball teams, won. I wasn’t expecting to feel what I felt at that very moment. Sheer pride and happiness. It’s not that I didn’t think my brother had any interest in the abolition of modern-day slavery. I just never thought he’d actually take on any action in the movement.  Another friend, who like my brother doesn’t know much about Not For Sale or even non-profits, was drawn to our Impact Report. She’s a graphic designer and had pinned the report to her Pinterest board on design. I couldn’t have been more surprised and shocked to see that the repinning of our Impact Report on Pinterest was in fact, my friend’s doing.

It finally clicked that Not For Sale’s methodology worked. Our goal to get everyone involved. To include everyone’s interests. To somehow “herd all the cats” in the world towards one mission and that is, to end modern-day slavery once and for all.


One response to “The Mission Statement

  1. I loved this story about your bro joining Free2Play! Sooo cool!

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